Designer floor lamps

Illuminate your bedroom or create beautiful points of light in the living room with a designer floor lamp. Lighting, natural or artificial, is a very important part of decorating a home or business. Find the perfect designer floor lamp for you from the wide range of designer lamps available on our website and in our shops.

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Design floor lamps

The floor lamp is a classic of home decoration, whether as a reading light, as a support to the ceiling or as a main light source. It is such an important element that it has become almost essential as a living room or dining room lamp, and even in our bedrooms. That is why we have to choose a careful, modern design, since it will be a discreet element, but it will draw the attention of our visitors.

Floor lamps Ethnicraft

It can be difficult to choose the right design, and if on top of that we have to worry about things like materials, measurements and shape, things get complicated. But don't worry, our catalog is based on the design Ethnicraft of great quality and with excellent materials; so you will always have the security of choosing a resistant, durable and high quality floor lamp. Worry only about choosing the floor lamp that you like, we take care of the rest.

Wood floor lamps

Wood gives a feeling of warmth very important in Nordic or rustic homes; it is less common in modern homes. The wooden floor lamp is the most traditional we can find, thanks to the variety of wood we can find different types in terms of tone, wood grain and even varnish. If we want a nordic or rustic floor lamp we will have to choose wood, which will help us to avoid the coldness of the rest of the furniture in the living room and to build a cozier room.

Vintage metal floor lamps

The metal lamp has been gradually replacing its wooden companion. Thanks to the use of metal, the large floor lamp is becoming more and more common. The lightness of its structure makes it perfect to be moved, in addition to using metal we guarantee that better support the passage of time and that we can even use it at some point on our terrace or outside the home. It is also the best option in a house with small children, as it can withstand any accident or game in which it is immersed.

Modern floor lamps

The modern style seeks discretion, so a modern floor lamp has to be discreet, so the preferred material is a metal floor lamp. Thanks to it we can build a thinner structure that can go unnoticed in our living room or dining room. In the case of wanting a wooden floor lamp, we will have to choose one of muted tones and discreet bell, to try to occupy as little space as possible.

Original floor lamps for the living room

The living room is the traditional place of the floor lamp, specifically next to the typical corner sofa, in order to take advantage of the space. The lamp of lounge needs of a wide bell and of 2 or 3 bulbs preferably, of that form it can spread better the illumination obtaining that with a single lamp our lounge is illuminated of satisfactory form with a soft light, that cannot compete with a lamp of ceiling, but if to contribute light to us when we do not need so much

Within our range of design lamps we find the floor lamps, providing an indirect and soft light illuminating only certain points of your home. On our website you will find elegant and timeless floor lamps with extravagant touches of striking design to suit any environment as would be the Arco model, or more modern and bohemian designs with romantic touches for cozy spaces as the Cestino floor lamp. They are also made of specially selected materials such as chromed steel, lacquered paper and powder coated iron or ash wood.

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