The pouf has become a symbol of modern, relaxed and relaxed. It is not uncommon to see it in youth flats or in start-up offices or those who want to rejuvenate their image. We leave you with our catalogue on this versatile piece of designer furniture along with some buying tips.

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Design and decorative poufs

The fabric pouffe was the first we came across in the early 2000s. It was essentially a quilted stuffed bag, being an inexpensive option for seating. It was movable and could be removed when no longer needed. In Spain the puff joined the figure of our footstool and stool, being a hybrid form between the two. More rigid and made of other materials. However, the classic fabric puff (usually with anti-stain treatment) evolved to leather, flexible plastic coatings and synthetic fabrics; losing that elasticity in exchange for maintaining its shape more easily. The large fabric pouffe was replaced by a small leather pouffe serving as a makeshift stool.

Modern Puffs

The large fabric pouffes were a way to gain space in offices, usually as a seating area. They were inexpensive, easy to place and easy to remove. The mode spread to the homes of those same workers and was united puff with a youthful touch. If you want to rejuvenate the style of a room, choosing a youth puff is always the best option, what can we choose from? The youth puff keeps its more classic forms, that is, a large round fabric puff; perfect for a corner. We will try to avoid the most current stool poufs, more rigid than flexible, because those transmit a more formal image than the one we want to achieve.

Vintage poufs

For the little ones in the house a pouf can be a fun way to decorate. You can use the same type of youth puff that we have used in other rooms or resort to more formal and rigid puffs, if we want to avoid pulling them in any way. A puff of childish and useful design can be to resort to one of the most similar to a hollow stool. That way we can use its internal hollow to store everything you need. Or if we want to lie down and recline choose a soft puff, but not too much, to avoid giving way if the small sit too hard.

Buy puffs online

A puff of complement to a sofa can serve several functions, we can use it as a sofa puff, as if it were an extension and was an extra seat. For example, it is very useful a cheslong puff that is placed in one of the open ends and can be used as an extension. In the case of the pouf chair it can be used as a footrest. That way we will rest our feet up without having to rest them on the table and we can reuse it as an extra seat if needed. And thanks to its ease of movement we can use it at various points as a living room pouf or in different rooms of the house, being able to reuse it when necessary.

Original and quality poufs

A vintage puff is the one that keeps its traditional shape, the "bag" of fabric or plastic of medium elasticity. The one of a lifetime. Although it may be a counter sense, in modern apartments will give good results as long as you do not want to give a touch too formal. Also in places where customers are going to spend a lot of time sitting, as the pouf accommodates the back better than a stool. In general, the vintage puff is for those who have in mind the classic puff. In the case of the modern one, it would be a puff stool, which we can use as we said before as an extension of a sofa or an armchair. The advantage is that the surface does not directly touch the floor, so it is cleaner and our skin will not have to come into contact with the remains that remain on the puff, although in general breathable fabrics and proper cleaning should eliminate the problem. It is also advisable to use it if we want to give a formal but casual touch to the room, something more relaxed than using a chair or an armchair.

Save space with a hollow puff

Another way to save space is with a hollow puff, for which we will need the most modern models. That way we can store small objects inside that can get in the way, such as magazines, toys or even small cushions or tablecloths. With a vintage puff could not be done, since it is necessary all the padding. It can be a good way to save space in the rooms of the little ones. And being easily movable, we can leave them where they bother the least in each occasion and even change the room.

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