Designer and modern shelves to decorate your home

Normally one of the most discreet pieces of furniture in the house but one of the most important. Functionality and decoration, the shelves allow you to free up other spaces, order and create a sense of neatness. There are many types, sizes and shapes; we leave you some tips along with our large catalog.

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Modern wooden shelves

Wood has always been our most common material. Its carving has always made it easy to assemble. Generally these shelves are large in size and very suitable for large spaces in the house, such as the living room or a dining room. They also provide a very pleasant feeling of warmth, although we must be careful as they are sensitive to knocks and scratches. Even the hardest woods, such as an oak or beech shelf, can be dented if we do not take a minimum of care. As a main advantage, they are by far much lighter than their counterparts in these styles and can be easily stained to suit anyone.

Original metal shelving

Metal shelves are becoming more and more common in homes. Initially they were limited to office and industrial settings; as they were easier to clean and allowed for very high weights to accumulate. Now, in the form of small metal shelves adaptable to a home, we can enjoy their advantages. The main one is their ease of cleaning, although they accumulate dust and dirt in the same way as wooden ones, the products do not have to be so delicate and the time invested is less. They also support much better the high weights and the forms can be more creative, since its structure is more solid. On the other hand, they are heavier than wooden ones and may not be suitable as large metal shelves, but in smaller formats.

Choose the style that suits you best

Although discreet, a poorly chosen shelf will draw attention to itself for the worse. In general they are usually large pieces of furniture that stand out if they do not fit in with the rest of the decor and can spoil our overall effect. Let's see what are the most common styles and try to leave behind the boring white kitchen shelving.

Industrial shelving

The industrial style seeks, with coarse materials and air, generate a sense of forging. In shelves this is great, since we can choose a metal shelf and not worry too much. In general, the industrial style accepts very well everything that is metal, such as steel or copper; so it will be a very easy solution. Since we are looking to emulate a factory, we will need a large shelf, quite a lot in fact, that we can use as a large storage space. But be careful, a large metal shelving is also heavy, so its assembly and placement in the house has to be millimetric, something that is also normal in the industrial style.

Modern shelving

The modern style seeks not to attract attention, to be discreet. Something especially important in a piece of furniture that we hope to go unnoticed. As for colors, a white or black shelf, which does not draw attention. Materials, a metal shelf would be best and a wooden one only when it is one of pale tones, such as a beech or oak shelf. Although the inclusion of solid wood may not be the best solution. It could break with the chromaticism of the rest of the room. On the other hand, the size will depend a lot on the room; we would have to go for large shelves, but since we are looking for discretion, we will have to adjust the space a lot to the actual needs, which can be quite a challenge.

Nordic shelving

The Nordic style seeks to build wide and diaphanous, bright spaces. But it also tries to attenuate as much as possible the feeling of coldness, unlike the modern one. Nordic shelving is synonymous with wooden shelving, and certainly with solid shelving. That way we break the atmosphere of light and pale tones with the natural warmth of wood, making everything much more homely and pleasant. As for the sizes, although we will want a large shelf is not a rule, and we can easily adapt to the available spaces.

Vintage shelving

The vintage model seeks to recover the decoration and way of organizing the space of our parents and grandparents. Non-conventional shelving, curved or with shelves organized differently than usual. It is also the king style in wall shelves, for decorative pieces or small storage spaces. Shapes, materials and sizes are left to our taste, as it is a very eclectic and holistic style.

Shelving per room

Depending on what room they are in, the shelves will have different measures and functions, as we expect different things from each one. Let's take a quick look at the main rooms and what type of shelving would be most appropriate.

Bookshelves bookcases

The bookshelf par excellence, although it is hardly marginal the houses that have a room dedicated exclusively to reading; yes, many shelves in the rest of the house are used to store books or albums. In this case, both a wall bookshelf and a standing bookshelf are common. The difference is that these shelves are much wider than usual and have a bottom. Since they have to be used to store a large amount of things that are usually long, that is why they are shelves with a bottom. There are mixed solutions such as TV furniture with shelves or consoles and sideboards that combine them. And as for the material, traditionally wood, although it has no more relevance.

Bathroom shelves

A bathroom shelf has to be made of plastic or methacrylate. We have to avoid wood for obvious reasons: as much as it is treated and protected, it is still a constant exposure to humid environments, which can generate woodworm and be very destructive to the wood. As for the shape, it would be best to go for a wall shelf and again, being metallic, it could withstand heavier weights. And finally, betting on loose wall shelf for smaller beauty products would be a way not to overload the space.

Bedroom shelving

In the bedroom, the shelving that will work best for us is the large one. Since it is an intimate setting, a wooden shelf would give that warmth we need, versus a metal one. In terms of size, since we are more than likely going to have a closet, a large bookshelf is not necessary. Although there is the possibility of replacing cabinets and gaining space with the clever use of shelving, consoles and sideboards; although it may be too much effort for a marginal increase in space.

Kitchen shelving

Classic white wooden shelving is the queen of the kitchen, but we can certainly put a twist on it. In this case, metal shelves originated in large kitchens and bakeries are the natural successor. We save cleaning, we gain space and we can carry more of this type of furniture, they are the best option. And since kitchens share the same aseptic and clean style regardless of the style of the rest of the house, the decision becomes even easier.

Children's shelving

A children's room can be a challenge, you need something that is adapted for them but at the same time that is not an expense but an investment, that can grow with them. In the case of children's shelves this is a difficult challenge. In general it is best to go for a large one, which allows to store in the lower drawers of toys and things that the child can reach by their own means, while in upper drawers, what he will not need but we need to have it on hand. As for the style, it is better to bet from the beginning for something sober, since it is a piece of furniture for many years and their tastes can change a lot from the initial colorful style.

Wall shelves

Wall shelving is the most useful and effective solution when we lack the space. They are easy to install and we can choose both wooden and metal wall shelves. In specific rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or small bedrooms are the best option to save space. And at the same time we can get the walls are not so unoccupied and not have to rest that function in pictures exclusively.

Designer shelves at Trendshome

If you are one of those who collect all kinds of objects, take advantage of every corner of your home with trendshome's designer shelves of all styles, which will allow you to have everything organized and decorated according to your personality, whether they are wall shelves, floor shelves, single shelf or modules.

Designer shelves are differentiated by their shapes, colors, construction techniques and original materials.

These pieces of furniture are not only used for storage, they can also be used as room dividers or as sideboards where you can display your most representative decoration. Give free rein to your imagination!

The characteristics of each shelf vary depending on the person, the room and the size. The design and size must be adapted to the space of the room and its decoration. The solidity of this furniture should be adapted to the objects we want to store, functionality is paramount. For example, single-shelf wall shelves are perfect for small rooms where you want to store books and keep everything organized, such as the Conceal Shelf Merch model, made of metal that becomes invisible when you stack the books.

The original shelves are the order of the day in terms of decoration, such as placing stairs for storage. If you like this trend, admire the Scissors model from the Kare brand with an inverted V-shaped structure that creates a truly innovative piece of furniture. Another original shelving model is the black Comb model also from the Kare brand. This wall shelf stands out for its geometric and groundbreaking design based on the shape of the honeycomb.

Separating environments with floor shelves is a very good option for the home. For this use is perfect the model M of Ethnicraft, open on both sides and with a large capacity for you to play with the decor.

Open shelving is perfect for showing off your beautiful decor, but sometimes it can feel cluttered. Shelving systems that combine open and closed spaces allow you to store what you don't want to see, but still display decorative accessories, such as the Nordic model from Ethnicraft, which has simple and pure shapes with 6 sliding doors.

Shapes, colors, materials and designs, is what you should take into account when purchasing a bookcase, providing a unique and striking style to become one of the favorite pieces of furniture.

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