Quality frying pans

When it comes to cooking, it is essential to have frying pans in our kitchen to sauté food properly. In our online kitchenware shop you will find the best quality options.

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Design and quality kitchen frying pans

The frying pan is the star element of the kitchens of many homes in our country and in the rest of the world, it is currently one of the most used kitchen utensils on the planet. That is why from trendshome we have prepared a catalog of kitchen pans of exceptional material and design. We leave you some shopping tips so you can choose your ideal kitchen pan and you do not have to worry about anything else, because the quality is guaranteed.

Aluminum frying pans

The aluminum frying pan is perfect for those modern kitchens that want utensils of the highest quality. It is a perfect material for cooking because it is highly non-stick and resists high temperatures. In addition, aluminum is a material that will work very well in both modern and industrial kitchens. Especially if you use metallic designs in a modern kitchen as with the combination of raw materials that exist within industrial kitchens. In a modern apartment, in a small apartment or even in a youth apartment this aluminum pan will be a valuable addition within the kitchens.

In addition, the aluminum frying pan has a great resistance to both use and the passage of time, so if you want a kitchen utensil that will last for years to choose an aluminum frying pan is certainly one of the best decisions you can make. Thanks to the modern design, the heat is distributed evenly and its non-stick properties are guaranteed, as long as you follow the basic precautions of any recipe.

Cast iron frying pans

If we think of the most traditional cooking, we are probably thinking of a cast iron frying pan, not in vain it is one of the most universal exponents of traditional cooking that exists today. It was the cheapest material available to the families of our mothers and grandmothers, the most common kitchen utensil at that time. The cast iron frying pan is therefore perfect for your vintage kitchen, which is modern techniques was much more resistant and durable than the one enjoyed by previous generations.

But the cast iron frying pan is not only perfect for cooking, it is itself a valuable decorative figure. Build a kitchen or other room that is reminiscent of a traditional, more homey decor and finding a cast iron skillet on the wall or even in a display will be one of the most important elements of that decor.

Tall Skillets

The tall skillet is one of the newest elements that we can find in our kitchens, as frying pans have always been low for the most part. A low frying pan sometimes offered certain problems that a high frying pan does not, either at the time of cooking and working on the ingredients, or because of the dangers of boiling oil. A high frying pan is a very original touch in our kitchens, unusual nowadays and that will certainly attract the attention of our guests. If you want an original frying pan, of course the high frying pan is a great choice.

Frying pans for crepes

Crepes are one of the most traditional dishes that we can find in French cuisine, whether sweet or savory. From some time to this part they have become very popular within our homes and there are families that use this dish in their weekly diet. The crepe pan is one of the inventions that will make your life much easier, both its shape and its materials are perfect for cooking these crepes. If we want to make homemade crepes, the crepe pan is an indispensable in our kitchens. It is a very simple recipe that admits a great variety of cooked and different ingredients. And if we have a quality crepe pan we will be sure that we will be making the best crepes you could wish for.

Oriental Wok

Currently the oriental cuisine is fashionable and any self-respecting modern kitchen should have an oriental wok in their kitchen utensils. The oriental wok is a frying pan but in a different way and designed in a totally different way, both in the materials and in the way of using it is very different from the frying pans we have today, so we have to be sure that we choose an oriental wok design specifically designed for that function. If we want to make oriental recipes, or if we want to get into this type of cooking, it is one of the indispensable utensils that we must have.

The oriental wok has to be specially designed to withstand very high temperatures and has to be carefully manufactured to allow the movements that this type of cooking needs when working with the different ingredients. That is why we have to choose utensils that have a specially recommended design for it. And if we want to use it as a decorative element, these oriental woks will be a great touch of originality in our kitchen

Wok with glass lid

Oriental recipes also require a sometimes slow and very calculated cooking. The image of recipes made very fast even in view of the diners themselves are common in popular culture, but the most traditional recipes of oriental cuisine need that time and that love that a traditional wok can not give them. That is why the glass lid, which allows much slower and controlled cooking, is indispensable for this type of recipes. If we want to become an expert in oriental cuisine, we will have to have a wok with a glass lid. In addition, the wok with lid will undoubtedly be a great addition to any self-respecting modern kitchen, which will allow us a wide range of oriental recipes that currently we could not do.

Grill stove

The kitchen grill is one of the most common elements in our homes when making certain types of recipes both grilled and grilled very interesting. However, the materials with which they are usually built and especially its design make them both difficult to use and not very durable. The kitchen grill Trendshome, has a design adapted to be of high quality so you will not have to worry about the use you give or the time you can enjoy it as in both cases will be of great resistance.

Square grill

Next to the grill we have the square grill, a variation of the same one that allows more traditional recipes within our gastronomy. Thanks to this square grill we will be able to make much healthier recipes and in much less time thanks to both its design and so we can make sure that they are of the highest possible quality. They will give us both many years and many cooked, so we will always be sure to be acquiring a kitchen utensil of great quality

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