Dining Room Tables

Dining room tables are design and decorative furniture that are part of the liveliest center of a home. Undoubtedly, a dining room table is one of the choices of the house that, if you choose it properly, can accompany your family for many years. At Trends Home we are specialists in interior design, get inspired by our proposals of high quality and design dining tables online within the wide catalog of tables available in our store in Mallorca and web.

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Dining room tables - Great quality and design

Dining tables are key pieces of furniture in the home, they are not only fundamental when it comes to decorating the house, they are also functional pieces. They are design furniture that are a true reflection of the decorative taste, personality and spirit of the inhabitants of the house. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect living room table that will accompany you in your meetings and allow you to share and create good times with family and friends.

At Trends Home we not only have a wide catalog of dining tables online but we also have different categories such as shape, style or material, so you can quickly and easily find your perfect dining table. If you still have problems or doubts, our experts will advise you to acquire the piece of high quality and style that best suits your needs.

Dining tables to buy online

A dining table is a highly versatile piece of furniture composed of a horizontal tabletop, which is the support surface, which is supported by leg(s). Some of the aspects to consider when buying a dining table are:

- The decorative style: the decoration of the dining room influences when buying the table. In our catalog you will find tables of different styles ranging from minimalist to industrial style.

- The number of diners and the available space, i.e., if you do not have much space, but your home is the center of all meetings, you can choose an extendable dining table that goes from 4/6 diners to 8/10.

- The material: you can find wooden tables, which is the most traditional material, but also, for example, glass, metal or marble.

- The shape: the choice depends on which one makes the best use of the available space. As opposed to the traditional rectangular dining table, you can also find round, oval or even square tables.

- Without ever forgetting the budget as it is one of the key factors in the choice, but we have dining tables of different prices.

Discover the wide catalog of dining room tables that we put at your disposal both in the physical store and online Trends Home. We work with prestigious brands and suppliers in the sector, to guarantee the best quality products.

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