Decorative wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are multi-purpose pieces that can be used both to check your reflection and to give a differentiating touch to your decoration. Depending on the shape and frame of the decorative wall mirror you choose, it can be more functional or totally decorative. Find the decorative wall mirror that best suits your home within the wide catalogue of wall decoration accessories that you will find on our website.

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Modern design mirrors

The mirrors are essential items in the place where we live so we have various designs in the best style and to suit the decor of the room you prefer, from the bathroom to a simple living room. The designers know perfectly well how important it is for you to highlight the elegance and modern style in the decoration of the spaces for this reason are inspired by the most trendy designs without forgetting the originality and practicality of the product.

Design mirrors with the best style

Modern mirrors are designed to follow the latest trends so they are very varied in sizes and shapes. Here are several types of mirrors that may be of interest to you.

Round or oval mirrors: they have been a classic in the history of mirrors; they are elegant and provide that air of seriousness that many conservatives love. However, designers have managed to make round and oval mirrors be part of psychedelic, retro or vintage styles, so much so that the latest trend are those wall mirrors round in the center and with details around them similar to a sun.

We also have those ceiling mirrors that show a panoramic view, special in bedrooms or rest rooms.

Square or rectangular mirrors: you may think they are common, but the latest trend brings for you unique in design as for example those with mirror frames and with touches of colored squares which provides a young atmosphere. Also those that provide a broken aspect, perfect for a risky and original decoration.

Abstract mirrors: feature that highlights the vintage style and that in the latest market has proved to be very chic to buyers .

Recommendations for choosing a mirror

The decision in the choice of a design mirror can be somewhat complicated, if for you it is important the style in the decoration; given this, it is necessary to give you these recommendations so that you are satisfied with the choice.

Mirrors for living room: In design are usually the most varied with the shape and size you prefer, but you always have to pay attention to the colors of the decor and the space in which it will occupy.

An example of this is, if you have a large living room and you want the mirror to draw attention to itself, then you can exaggerate its size, as long as it is not saturated with other objects; otherwise a medium size would be perfect for the living room.

Also large mirrors tend to give an effect of depth to the room, causing a feeling of spaciousness, perfect for small spaces.

Mirrors for bedrooms: Here if you can take a risk in the choice because the important thing in this case is to observe yourself before going out to perform daily activities. In models we have those that have special shapes, colored or abstract that give that touch of youth to the room and today are very fashionable.

Bathroom mirrors: Usually in the washrooms is where you place the mirror and therefore a medium size round or square shape is always appropriate, plus a good lighting .

This and much more we offer in our shopping lists where the variety of designs are paramount in this online store furniture design.

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