Designer lounge chairs

Armchairs are a more striking way to provide a seat in our living room, dining room or bedroom. But such an eye-catching piece of furniture needs a more thoughtful decision. That's why we leave you some tips along with our magnificent catalog.

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Armchairs for living room and dining room design

The living room is the main room of the house, where we will spend most of the time, so it is perfect for an armchair. First, because of the size, we are talking about the largest room, so the size of the armchair can be more discreet, even with a large and bulky armchair. In addition, if we have a dining room an armchair can be perfect to separate environments, given its size, you can comfortably create an invisible separation. Although it is true that it would be more effective with a sofa or a chest of drawers.

Reading armchairs

An armchair is a perfect place to read. Its sturdiness and padding allow us to sit comfortably. In this case it is especially important the backrest, it must adapt to the back not only when we are sitting in a "natural" way but also when we change our position while reading. The best option is to opt for an armchair with a curved back, so that when we lean to one side we will maintain the position, thus preventing our back from being loaded, even so we always recommend adopting a correct posture, but sometimes the prolonged reading time can make us vary. Another point to take into account will be the padding, that is as breathable as possible, we always want it to be, but if we are going to spend long periods sitting will be especially important, a breathable chair will make us much more pleasant our reading time, preventing heat build up.

Comfortable armchairs

We know it can be a hassle to choose the perfect armchair: materials, shapes, compositions, etc. So many elements to be aware of. But a very useful type is to use as a guide the general style of our house, so we will always be sure that they will not clash. Let's see some of the most common styles and how would be an armchair in each of them.

Modern armchairs

The modern style seeks good taste in discretion, that the furniture goes unnoticed in bedrooms and living rooms. That is why the armchairs of this style are less robust and less bulky padding. As for the color, as we seek discretion, we will go for a white or black armchair, that way we will not draw attention and everything will add up to make a compact, elegant and modern style.

Industrial armchairs

The industrial style looks for factory finishes and coarse, emulating the forging or construction materials in the air. Something difficult to achieve in an armchair. That is why we want to use steel or aluminum in our armchairs or, failing that, pale colored woods, which simulate steel. As for the fabric, earthy colors or colors that simulate rust and that marry well with the walls, floor and the rest of the furniture in the room. We do not have to worry if we choose a large armchair, the industrial style accepts bulky furniture well as long as they are not excessive; so choosing a large armchair may force you to make other sacrifices such as dispensing with a chest of drawers or choose a smaller table.

Vintage armchairs

The vintage style seeks to recover the furniture of our parents, updating their shapes and design. In the case of armchairs, it means going back to bright colors, such as a yellow, blue or red armchair. It also means using materials such as traditional wood. As for the size, the vintage style accepts large formats; so larger armchairs do not clash in our living room. Of course, keep in mind the balance between the furniture to avoid giving a feeling of overloading.

Nordic armchairs

The Nordic style seeks to create comfortable and warm environments, which at the same time give the feeling of spacious and open. Quite a challenge indeed. But it is achieved with the intelligent use of wood and the color white. Thanks to the varnished wood, we can bring warmth and with the colors from gray to white that feeling of spaciousness. As for size, don't worry either, a solid wood armchair goes very well with a Scandinavian living room.

large or small armchairs?

When we talk about saving space an armchair may be the first thing that comes out of the door. And you might be right. There comes a point where no matter how much space we save, a chair will always be more efficient than an armchair. But it's also true that there are small armchairs, which use innovative shapes to save as much space as possible. Or that reduce the padding to the maximum achieving very similar results.

The Trendshome armchairs

The design armchairs are trendy due to the modern style that we follow today. It is a piece of furniture capable of attracting all eyes, and is that it can become the star element of the living room.

An armchair for the living room is the perfect piece of furniture to relax, and in trendshome you can find the one that best suits you, with a wide range of models, different upholstery and modern, classic or minimalist styles. You can give rise to a great diversity of combinations playing with the styles and colors of the armchair and the sofa, or that harmonizes with the carpet, the coffee table, the side tables and with the decoration that you have given to your home with so much care. In this way, you will obtain a unique and special space, not only in the living room, but also in different rooms or even in your work area.

If what you are looking for is a relaxing armchair, what better than the Bauhaus armchair with footrest, or the Sevilla armchair, reclining armchairs ideal for resting or even as reading armchairs, adding a nice floor lamp.

In our online store and in the physical store we ensure the quality of our furniture, so the comfort and durability of the design armchairs are guaranteed.

If you are fond of the minimalist trend, opt for neutral and light colors, such as the Basic rocking chair, an armchair with a modern and cozy design, which can fit in any room.

But if you like leather upholstery or designer leather armchairs with a vintage style, we have the N501 armchair, a timeless basic to embellish and give warmth to the living room.

The designer armchairs, like the designer armchair, adapt to any environment and its soft and delicate materials help us to rest and give the home that personalized space we want.

Armchairs for relaxation, modern armchair, with ear muffs, reclining, for reading, ... many possibilities to give a unique and pleasant touch to the home. As well as textiles and finishes of great quality or minimalist styles, classic, modern design armchairs, or Nordic style.

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