Decorative vases and vases

Highlight the natural beauty of flowers or add an original touch withdecorative vases. These do not necessarily have to be associated with flowers. They are decorative complements with their own identity capable of bringing charm to your home. Discover all the options of vases and vases available on our website within the extensive catalog of decorative objects.

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Decorative vases and pots

Traditionally it has been thought that vases and pots are part of a traditional and vintage decor, and although it is true that traditionally has been part of a more rustic and antique decor that does not mean that we can not take advantage of it for more modern and casual decorative styles.

The pots and vases are a great decorative element that also fulfills a practical functionality, they serve as extra storage that we can use according to our needs. Thanks to their size and portability, most of the vases and crockery and pots are light and easily movable from one place to another, which allows us to use them according to our needs. For example, we can use the vases to decorate a centerpiece in our living room or our lounge but do without them when we need the table for example to eat or to entertain our visitors. Thanks to the vases we can build different experiences depending on the situation, thus adapting to the moment and having a decorative element that also has a great practicality.

Large vases

Most of the vases have moderate dimensions so that they can both store and be easily transportable, however if we are in an apartment or in a large house we can also resort to large and static vases. This type of large vases in larger dimensions of a greater weight, so it is not so easily movable and it is advisable to use it as a static decorative element, as for example we would do with a houseplant or other elements such as a decorative figure. The advantage is that compared to these last two examples the vase will not serve as extra storage space, and thanks to its large dimensions we can use it to store items that normally we could not umbrella or use it as a magazine rack.

The large metal vases are usually the most common way to find this type of vases, since metal is a malleable element and accepts a multitude of forms but at the same time treated in the right way is lightweight. We can also find large ceramic or wooden vases, however this type of vases for its large dimensions require special care and perhaps we can place in all parts of the house where it would not be possible to place a metal one.

Small vases

The main advantage of the small vases is their versatility, we will be able to use the small vases in any point of the house and even to use it on top of other furniture like dressers or sideboards. Given its small size these small vases are easily movable and we can use it indistinctly depending on the occasion, we can even use the vases themselves as a decorative element by itself although usually usually cause a greater effect when several are combined with each other or with other elements such as flowers or houseplants. Thanks to its small size we can combine it with a multitude of furniture, and can be an auxiliary element of decoration in almost any circumstance that comes to mind.

Given its small size, these vases are usually traditionally made of ceramic, as it is a material of great durability and is not excessively heavy. We can also find small wooden vases, if what we want is to give our room a more bohemian and casual touch, while we will use the small ceramic vases in modern decorations or if we want to give a touch of distinction. In both cases the color of the vase will also be a great element to take into account, if what we want is a vintage or shipping touch then apart from wooden vases we will need to go for earthy colors much warmer and cozier, if on the contrary what we want is a modern decoration we will need white ceramic vases or in pastel shades to bring that touch of distinction but do not attract excessive attention.

Vases are usually perfect for minimalist decorations, as they will allow us to fill the spaces and where our decoration is needed but at the same time they will be discreet enough to not attract excessive attention. That way we will be able to balance the arrangement of decor throughout our room while making sure we are not causing an overload.

Kitchen Vases

The main advantage of vases regardless of their size is being able to use them in almost any room, that way we can use a vase in the kitchen or bathroom interchangeably. However, while in the case of the rest of vases we can tend to use more special shapes and colors, in the case of the kitchen we will need to go for traditional forms and especially for more muted colors or colors of the family of white and pastel shades, since traditionally in this space what we will be looking for will be calm and above all that there are no elements that can distract us.

Apart from its undeniable practical utility, the fact of having kitchen vases will also help us to create a decoration in a room where it is usually very difficult to incorporate decorative figures other elements; in fact the large vases three great allies when decorating the kitchen.

Design vases and pots online

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Vases and pots

Now you can buy vases and pots online without leaving home. Whether you like classic, contemporary, modern, industrial or baroque style, we work with trendy brands like Kare Design. There are vases and pots for every type of interior.

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