Design, modern and quality benches 

The bench is one of the most practical furniture, we can use it as a room divider, fixed seat or move it as needed. We leave you our catalog and some buying tips.

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Modern wooden benches for the kitchen

The classic wooden bench is the one we can most easily find. Wood works very well in any environment, especially as a rustic bench. However, a solid wood bench is a heavy piece and difficult to move, so if for example we want a Nordic living room the bench, even if small, will occupy a predominant space, so it has to be a thoughtful decision.

Forged metal benches

Forged metal is the most resistant element with which to build a bench. They are perfect for an outdoor bench or one that will have prolonged exposure to the elements. Although with a good treatment the wooden benches are equally resistant, the advantage of the forged metal bench is that it needs less care and supervision, enduring better in time. In addition to being a very typical element, it goes well with all styles: industrial, vintage and modern.

Outdoor benches for the terrace and garden

A garden bench is similar to an outdoor bench but has a different function, much more decorative than practical. Although they will be practical to sit on, a garden bench has to be in tune with the environment in which it will be. An ornate bench has no place in a simple garden, in the same way that a simple bench has no place in an ornate one. So the baroque bench can only be in the unusual lush gardens. For most of the cases, with a simple bench we will have many more possibilities as garden furniture.

Design benches for the foyer

When using a foyer bench we have to be aware that it has to be an unobtrusive bench. The aim is to have a support nearby to serve as a place to change shoes or as a waiting corner, so we can not use a large bench if we want to use it as a hallway bench. The usual dimensions of this type of rooms make it difficult to accommodate a large bench, on the other hand we need it to be light to be able to move it between different rooms where it will be necessary; and we can even use it as an outdoor bench to free up space in the hall when necessary. Although for smaller hallways it would be usual to use a stool.

Original bathroom benches

The bathroom is a place loaded with moisture where sometimes we need a different support to the hard and cold ceramic. In that case, the bathroom bench is perfect as an additional support to clean and accommodate. A wooden bench treated to be able to resist humidity or a metal bench or even a methacrylate bench, whatever is appropriate so that water and steam do not impact too much on the materials. In addition the bathroom bench has to be a light bench to be able to move when it is not necessary.

Vintage benches for the living room

The auxiliary bench is a very useful piece of furniture because it can be used in several rooms. In a living room as a seat or room divider, and even an extra support surface. In the room as a bench in the hall as a support and seat. On a terrace or in the hall itself. The key is that it is a light and resistant bench, so that it can be found in several rooms and can be moved according to the need of the moment. They are often used as a padded bench, especially in bedrooms and dressing rooms, to promote comfort and because the padding does not influence too much in the final weight of the furniture.

Ethnicraft benches

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right furniture, that's why in Trendshome we have decided to make it easy for you with an ethnicraft bench. From Ethnicraft they pursue the goal of offering the best furniture, with a careful design and perfectly selected materials to make them durable and resistant. So whatever furniture you want, the extensive catalog of ethnicraft furniture can always offer you the best solution. A padded bedroom bench, an outdoor bench or a wooden bench for your reception, from Etnicraft they have found the perfect shape for each type of use .

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