Ecological disposable tableware

Eco-friendly disposable tableware is a conscious and earth-friendly alternative that, in addition to being sustainable, will enhance your food and add functionality to your table. Find the perfect eco-friendly disposable tableware option for your celebration from all of our eco-friendly disposable tableware options and be the perfect hostess.

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Ecological tableware for parties

Ecological single-use tableware is the name given to those that are compostable or biodegradable. Until now, plastic was used to manufacture disposable tableware, something that is already known to be highly polluting, unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly. Ecological disposable tableware is the alternative to this major problem.

Opting for an ecological tableware for events, either single-use or reusable, instead of the conventional plastic options is a small contribution to the planet that helps to promote a change towards a more respectful consumption with health, the future and the environment.

Eco-friendly tableware for hospitality and household use

Although it is unsustainable to use disposable products, it is not an excuse to use plastic constantly. For this, there is ecological disposable tableware that can be used for picnics, parties, family meals, events or, in short, moments in which to save time.

At Trends Home we are aware of the importance of reducing our footprint on the planet. Both in our online store and in our physical stores in Mallorca we have a great selection of ecological disposable tableware at the best price.

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