Modern and design TV furniture

The television is something unique in our homes. A simple object on which our entire living room revolves: space, decoration, furniture and even colors. In the same way that with the fire we worry about creating a nice and homely fireplace, we have to find the same accommodation for the television: a good TV cabinet. We leave you our magnificent catalog along with some tips to make the best decision.

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Furniture for design television

Things when done well are doubly better. And we cannot not pay attention to the television in our living room, it is literally the "TV room". The whole room revolves around her. A television cabinet in the living room or in another room is one of the main focuses of attention. And what surely determines the placement of the rest of the furniture. And even the style. But whether you want to adapt to what your home already has or build a new one based on television, you first need to know the main decoration trends.

industrial tv furniture

The industrial style seeks to return us to those forge and factory environments. Raw, raw materials, crude combinations such as glass and bronze, brick with iron. It's hard to condense that into an industrial TV stand, but not impossible. For example, a TV cabinet with a background, reminiscent of a metal construction or directly made of one. Solid TV cabinets, factory finished. Size is important, we will want tall TV cabinets, since the minimalism of this style will mean that we have to make the most of additional storage spaces.

vintage tv furniture

The vintage style recalls the setting in living rooms and houses that our parents had. Updating forms and concepts, but making the roots clear. In the case of a vintage television cabinet, we are talking about a rustic touch, surely in wood. Rounded shapes. A low TV cabinet, with thin legs and a wide front (where video and movies used to go) perfect for leaving anything on it. Or reuse it as a decorative space, for example by removing the doors and with decorative figures. As for the material, the usual thing is a solid wood TV cabinet, but avoiding the grain finish. Curved shapes. Since it is a departure from the usual TV design, remember to check that it looks good with it or buy one accordingly if you don't already have one.

modern tv furniture

A modern tv furniture will be one that doesn't draw attention to itself, basically. It is difficult, since we are talking about a main piece of furniture in the house. But one that is discreet, at least. White or black TV furniture (or a combination of both). Of transparent or translucent materials, like a tv cabinet made of methacrylate or glass. Or that can be easily concealed, with simple and fine lines. In general we will want low furniture, because although minimalism is present, we will prefer to save space with furniture designed directly for them, such as cabinets or sideboards. In this case, discretion is more important than anything else.

Nordic TV furniture

The Nordic style seeks to generate warmth in all the furniture but without giving up the wide and open spaces. That is why this style is the king of wooden TV furniture, even with a rustic trim finish. It's the best way to bring warmth to your living room, otherwise the natural coldness of white colors and open spaces would be uncomfortable without these wood and earthy touches. In terms of size, we are talking about a tv cabinet with up to 40 cm depth. A wide and long tv cabinet, perfect to be used as extra storage space or as a support for a very large television. In addition to being a solid wood furniture (which is the usual) will give a pleasant feeling to the eye, compared to other styles where perhaps the finish may seem more "sharp" and artificial.

tV cabinet for the living room or bedroom?

We usually think of the TV cabinet in the living room and it is true that it was its usual place. However, with the new decoration styles and the search for wide spaces, it is more and more common that this furniture is placed in the bedroom. That way we get an open space in our living room, gaining valuable square meters and in the room we can enjoy the television. And even several households, especially those with children, take advantage and place another extra television in your account. This type of children's TV furniture is also very useful for storing clothes, toys, movies or anything in our children's room, gaining valuable space for other things like their bed, a closet or a study table.

TV cabinet with wheels

Another way to gain this space is to use a tv cabinet with wheels, that way we can as we need to move it between rooms. Although it may seem cumbersome involves several advantages: the first space saving, something we have already talked about but is very relevant in small apartments. Another advantage is being able to create a multimedia center without having to duplicate resources: thanks to the TV cabinet with wheels we can invest what we want in the multimedia center and enjoy it wherever we want in our home, as required by the situation. So we will not have to divide our efforts in several points and we can enjoy the highest quality concentrated in a single point. In addition, it can be the best way to combine different spaces and environments according to the need, for example a visit or a change in furniture due to moving or a new member in the family. Yes, moving can be a hassle, but it is preferable to not being able to do it.

don't know how to combine? Use a white tv cabinet and alter its decoration

Decorating styles are fine, but maybe your home is more neutral or uses a very particular decoration. That's okay. You can always use neutral furniture, such as a white TV cabinet, which will work for almost any style and in almost any home. Then, to liven it up, you'll just have to alter its decor to match the style of your living room or bedroom. That way you will have an elegant, discreet and versatile solution if you do not want to adhere to traditional styles of decoration

Save space: tall tv furniture with a back

do you have space problems? Many homes have problems finding space for large televisions or in rooms where space is at a premium. Usually the problem is planning, we have not taken into account that the TV cabinet is the focal point of our living room. So if we need space to be able to store more things, we must first look for the answer here.

If we use TV furniture with depth, width and height, we will gain a lot of space for utensils that we do not use regularly: tablecloths, special tableware or decorative elements that are no longer needed. Anything that is taking up space right now and can be stored can use the old space for video and DVD.

Smart tv cabinet

Smart TVs are here to stay. They are large, heavy but they integrate many elements such as video and DVD, internet connection and router. So it is worth the investment. But what about our television furniture? Can it be converted into a smart tv cabinet? For this we need the furniture to be robust, surely a wooden TV cabinet with a background. In this way, by width and height, we make sure that the furniture can support it. As for space, since the smart TV itself is a very good way to save space, we will only increase the effect further. And if we choose a TV cabinet with wheels, we can create a mobile multimedia center to be able to enjoy it in any corner of the house whenever necessary.

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