Modern and designer coffee tables 

A coffee table in the living room can be a detail that goes unnoticed in our home at first glance, but it has a powerful joint effect in our house. Choosing the wrong one clashes with the rest of the elements. Do we have a Nordic living room? An industrial one? We will bet on wood and glass coffee tables, surely. Or maybe wrought iron tables. Whatever your living room is, at Trends Home we have original coffee tables for any style. Take a look at the catalog.

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Design coffee tables: more than just good taste

Decorating a living room is also about paying attention to the details. Is a coffee table just a place to put things? As a magazine rack or laptop stand? Not exclusively. A good coffee table organizes the space around it, combines with armchairs and sofas, with the TV cabinet and with the rest of our decoration to achieve a uniform mesaje.

For example, an elevating and extendable coffee table allows us to arrange the space in two different ways. One, as a discreet piece of furniture that does not attract attention and does not clash; and another more practical function that allows us not to have to resort to folding tables or more bulky, if our need for space is functional. We can not choose at random or in a hurry, we have to make sure that our coffee table fits well with the rest of the elements. For this, we leave you a series of tips to make your choice the best possible.

do you know what your decorating style is?

Not all coffee tables are suitable for all living rooms. The style of decoration that we use will determine the coffee table that best fits our home. Details such as the paint, the materials we leave in sight, the furniture and other decorative elements such as curtains or carpets will tell us in what style we are framed.

Nordic coffee tables

A Nordic coffee table would fit in a living room of the same style. The use of wood, earthy colors or white and large windows to make the most of the light are what mark this style. For example, a coffee table made of wood and glass would not be out of place, especially with wooden floors. Original tables that we can use for example those that use wood to recreate tree branches, roots or trunk, giving a special touch of personality to our living room.

Industrial coffee tables

A more modern style living room, combining materials such as bricks, steel, bronze or glass. In this case, wrought iron tables that bet on iron, metal tables such as sheet metal or aluminum reinforcements would be a good addition. As a more youthful touch, we can resort to pallet coffee tables or using wood in dark tones; this way we will get a more casual image and can work well in small apartments.

Vintage coffee tables

The vintage style is reminiscent of the decoration and furniture of the 40's. At that time, the round coffee table was common, even elevating. In order to make better use of space in apartments that used to be smaller than today, when they were used as a manicure table, for example. A lifting table can also be a good choice. If our entire apartment faithfully follows this style of decoration our coffee table will not be out of place.

Modern coffee tables

In an open and elegant space, a coffee table should be just as modern. For example, using an iron and wood table or betting on design tables will always be a good choice. We must keep in mind that betting on straight lines is a standard of this style, so a round coffee table, if our floor follows a modern style, are not the best decision. Instead of glass or crystal, more typical of an industrial style; in this type of living rooms we can use methacrylate coffee tables.

small, medium or large living room?

The size of your living room will be your limiting factor when choosing a table. Sometimes we make the mistake of choosing a table without taking the measurements of our living room or thinking seriously about what kind of furniture we want. If we compromise part of the space with a coffee table, it is space that we will not be able to devote to other things. It is not trivial. Especially if you have a small living room with limited space.

If this is our case, we can opt for furniture that mimics a modern table stretcher. That way, we will have a small piece of furniture that saves space and if it is an elevating and extendable coffee table, we can adapt to the needs of each moment: as a visit from friends, for example, without having to worry about things like the height of the dining table or how we can scrape space from our small living room.

If, on the other hand, we have a large living room, resorting to an elevating and extendable center will allow us to be more flexible with the dining table. We can choose smaller tables to have more space, without losing functionality in visits, celebrations or when we need larger surfaces to support. We can also use a rectangular table, extendable or not, to have more space or if we need to use it as an extra storage unit or alternative to drawers and shelves.

what use are you going to give it?

A table that we want to use almost as an exhibition does not serve the same purposes as one that we need as storage space or as a second auxiliary table on important occasions. Knowing why we will use the table will help us not to make the wrong decision. And decide between a round table, a forged table or a rectangular coffee table with drawers and storage space.

Decoration of coffee tables

If we want to give a decorative use to our table we have to take into account the same principles of style and sizes. We can bet, for example, on the use of flowers, candles or the combination of colors and ambient light on the tablecloths. We can also use a wide variety of accessories. Materials in exotic combinations such as a wood and glass coffee table will allow us to play with colors and textures to achieve more impressive effects.

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