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We have a wide range of cushions, with modern, bold and different designs. Unique pieces that you will not find in other furniture and decoration stores. We know that our customers want to create unique spaces, lounges and rooms decorated with cushions that are not easy to find. That's why we like to define ourselves as an unconventional furniture store.

Offers on decorative cushions for living room and bedrooms

Design doesn't have to be expensive, we make occasional offers and exclusive discounts for our online customers on cushions and also on other decorative products, furniture and decoration. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss any exclusive promotion!

Cushions for sofas

Cushions are often the icing on the cake in the decoration of a piece of furniture, both for the good and for the bad. We can both end up closing and ruin the decorative effect we wanted to create by choosing a bad cushion for our sofa. In general we will have to choose them according to our style. In the case of modern style we will look for discreet cushions, both in size and in tonality, since we do not want them to compete in attention with the rest of the elements of our living room or our dining room; the best thing would be to bet on a brown, gray or muted and unsaturated tones cushion to achieve that effect.

In the case of the Nordic style we have a double possibility depending on the furniture: if it already has white or grayish tones that help to achieve a feeling of spaciousness then we will have to go for an earth-colored cushion, to compensate for the general coldness of our home. If on the other hand we have a wooden furniture that is the one that breaks with the monochrome in the living room then it will be best to use white cushions, which will help to convey a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness to the wooden furniture.

For the industrial style we will want cushions in shades similar to steel, brick and bronze, which are usually the predominant elements in this type of style; so we will choose gray, deep red or bronze-green cushions to match properly, although this style actually also supports bright colors if we want to give way to a more casual style from the seriousness. Finally, with a vintage style we will not have too many problems, any type of cushion from the most discreet to the most original cushion will work properly thanks to the eclectic that are usually vintage living rooms.

Cushions for armchairs

In the case of the armchair what we are looking for are wide cushions, usually that can occupy the lower part of the back almost entirely. While in the sofa cushions if we can have them in greater number in the armchairs the opposite happens, if we want it to be comfortable we have to prioritize space over the number. It is best to opt for a large and fluffy cushion that can give support and comfort to the lower back, avoiding unnecessary tension in that area of our body.

Outdoor cushions

Outdoor furniture has to be more resistant than indoor furniture by necessity, since it will have to withstand stronger weather conditions. In the case of outdoor cushions the exact same thing happens, what we need is that they are made with resistant fabric and embroidery and above all with an interior padding that does not wear out over time.

One way to recycle the life of an indoor cushion is to use a second cushion cover and move on to outdoor use. The extra cover, which should be more reinforced, will bear most of the weight of the inclement weather on the cushion and the padding in turn will be more protected; that way we get an outdoor cushion that is more resistant and durable over time.

Original cushion

Cushions are one of the best ways to express our style and creativity. Thanks to the fabrics, shapes, colors and embroideries we can have a great variety of possibilities. We have selected the best designs to configure a catalog of original cushions to the height; we invite you to take a look, we assure you that you will be able to find the original cushion you are looking for.

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