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PLM Design is a brand of furniture and decoration designed to dress homes that seek a balance between form, style and functionality. At Trends Home we share this philosophy and, therefore, both on our website and in our physical store you can find a wide selection of PLM Design furniture , decoration and lighting pieces with the aim of making your home your great refuge

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Trends Home: your PLM Design furniture store in Palma and Calviá

PLM Design, Pilma's furniture brand was born at the end of the 20th century to create furniture, decoration and lighting that expresses its pure and uncluttered vision of interior design, fleeing from trends. PLM Design furniture stands out for its quality and simplicity of forms in a rational and minimalist style.

PLM Design not only dresses homes and businesses, but also continues to inspire the world of interior design through a careful collection of furniture, lighting and decoration that combines aesthetics, quality and functionality.

PLM Design Furniture is committed to sustainability and style

Choosing, for example, PLM Design chairs, is to bet on furniture with character, which does not respond to fashions and has no expiration date with which to create timeless spaces.

The commitment to sustainability is part of the essence and values of Trends Home. We are committed to have in our catalog with brands conscious of the preservation of the environment and natural resources such as PLM Design that make their furniture with wood from controlled or recycled plantations.

Therefore in Trends Home, your PLM Design store in Mallorca, we have a great selection of PLM Design furniture of great value, elegance, practicality and form.

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