Designer bedside tables

With modern bedside tables, you can have what you need right next to you as soon as you wake up, whether it's a glass of water during the night, your glasses, a book, the alarm clock, etc. We have a wide variety of modern designer bedroom furniture options available.

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Design bedside tables

The bedside table is a discreet but important piece of furniture. It not only helps us and serves as a support for night lamps, alarm clocks, clocks or to leave the mobile charging. A bedside table is also a decorative element that should complement the rest of spacious furniture such as closets or the headboard. A bad decision when choosing the bedside table can clash and ruin the overall image we want to build

Modern bedsidetables Ethnicraft

The design, materials, size and place it will occupy in the room are very variable elements that can make it difficult to choose the ideal bedside table. From Trendshome we know this and to make it easy for you we have a wide selection ofethnicraft, our preferred supplier. From ethnicraft they take care of every detail, with quality materials and an adapted design. So you only have to worry about which bedside table you like best, the rest is taken care of by the excellent design Ethnicraft. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision possible.

Original wooden bedside tables

The typical bedside table is made of wood. We can find it as a rustic bedside table or in Nordic rooms. It is unusual to find pieces made entirely of wood, without metal additions, as it is more for a vintage bedside table. On the wood the best would be oak or beech wood, as in both cases the grain is very decorative and above all they are very durable woods. Traditionally, wooden nightstands have been sturdier pieces than their metal counterparts, so for modern bedrooms it would be better to go for the other type.

Vintage metal nightstands

Metal nightstands are much more suitable for a modern bedroom. Being made of metal, they have a more streamlined but sturdy shape, so they can better withstand the weight. Thanks to this, its discreet nightstands that won't clash in a modern bedroom; neither by color nor by style. There is also the possibility that you can take a wooden and metal bedside table, which are the most common types and are more suitable for an industrial or classic bedside table.

Bedside tables with minimalist drawers

The bedside table can also serve as extra storage space. A bedside table with drawers can be perfect for storing what we have left in the room: the mobile charger, jewelry, makeup, etc.. And if we do not want to use a dresser is the best option to avoid having to resort to storing everyday things in a closet. Although a bedside table with drawers will be bulkier and will attract more attention, so it may not be the most suitable for a modern bedroom.

Single leg nightstand to decorate your bedroom

A classic model. The one-legged nightstand is the oldest model, used to hold vases or as a focal point in living rooms and large receptions. While it may be a classic touch in our room, it is a distinguished touch to our bedroom style and a great decorative element. Thanks to ethnicraft we present you a discreet but elegant model .

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