Modern design sideboards 

Sideboards have gone from being an almost residual piece of furniture in our homes to being a very useful resource if we want to combine design and practicality. Whether as storage space or as a piece intended to be seen, a showcase and a sideboard fulfill their functions more than enough. But like everything in a stylish home, we can not leave it to chance. We leave you our magnificent catalog along with some tips for you to make the right choice.

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Give a touch of design to your living room with a sideboard

do you need a sideboard? That's the question you have to answer. Although the most common answer is yes. When we talk about how to organize a home, lack of space is usually one of the main problems. Things like tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, toys, batteries, tools and everything you can imagine needs an efficient storage system. Yes, you could use a closet. But it's usually not worth the expense of space and you'll end up with a lot of empty spaces. That's the time for the sideboard, to save you headaches.

Vintage dressers

Vintage style is all about updating the furniture of our parents and grandparents, bringing it into the present moment. Vintage furniture respects its origin, although it modifies some things. In the case of a vintage sideboard, they are usually solid wood pieces; sturdy. With a multitude of drawers of different sizes. For this reason, a vintage wooden sideboard is usually a heavy and difficult to handle piece, so we have to take into account the real need or not of one of these dimensions. We can resort to sideboards with borders or obvious decorations, since we are not looking for discretion with this furniture.

On the other hand, a vintage display cabinet will present either straight or curved lines. The distinction is basically whether it draws from more contemporary sources or from a more classic empire style. They are perfect as a display case for glasses and tableware, as they were widely used for this purpose by our parents and grandparents.

Industrial sideboards

The industrial style is based on visible materials. Therefore, an industrial sideboard will be made of coarse wood, probably pale, imitating wood in its most natural state. As for the size, the industrial style does not bet excessively on minimalism so it would not be necessary to use small sideboards, nor large sideboards. In this case we have more freedom to say the arrangement of space. As for an industrial showcase, this style accepts very well the combination of glass with other elements, so we will see how they look especially good in living rooms and rooms with that touch of forging and factory that gets the industrial.

Modern sideboards

The modern style is based on the creation of minimalist spaces. A modern sideboard, therefore, will be any piece in which we can keep the maximum number of things but without attracting too much attention. A discreet sideboard, therefore. We are looking for large storage spaces but without having to resort to very bulky pieces. As for the materials, we will look for stained woods or natural pale tones, such as beech or poplar wood. That will give us a white and discreet sideboard, or a black sideboard, if we prefer the staining of the wood.

As for a modern showcase, the use of glass will be perfect to store things without giving the feeling of overload, plus the glass will help create that effect of spaciousness that we are looking for.

Nordic showcases and sideboards

The Nordic style is strongly committed to wood. Therefore, this material is the king. As we will be in a decoration of very light and white tones, we need a strong contrast to give it warmth. That's when we want a natural wood sideboard, imitating the bark and shapes of wood in nature itself. In addition to strong, vivid color, as this will break the coldness. We can go for a large sideboard, as the solid pieces will look great. As for the Nordic showcase, we will follow the same guide: wood in strong tones, solid piece and break the coldness. Something that we can achieve by placing it in corners or points where our eyes will rest.

Gain space without sacrificing elegance. Tricks for rooms

Not all the tricks work for all rooms. A living room will change in layout if it is a living-dining room, a bedroom depending on the size and the rest of the furniture. We have to be very clear about what we can or cannot do to save space in our home. Our goal should always be efficiency hand in hand with decoration. We leave you some ideas that you can in your home.

Sideboards for kitchen

In the kitchen we need space for all our utensils. Normally we use loose drawers, which are not part of the same piece. Using a white sideboard, to respect the most common style in our kitchens, we unify all these storage needs and we can forget about using a modular system. In addition, we can use the more solid sideboards as countertops, for example with a piece of marble or treated wood for use during cooking. In a kitchen cabinet, we have a simple use: for dishes, cutlery or spices. This way we transform the cabinet into a cupboard and get a double benefit. We can also use it as a support for our aromatic plants and spices, as they are usually high furniture that let light pass very well.

Sideboards for the living room

The living room is the focal point of many homes, so we have to pay due attention to it. Normally overloading the space is not usually the smartest thing to do, many times we can store things without the need for large furniture. A sideboard allows to concentrate in a relatively small space many storage spaces. The positive thing is that thanks to this separation by organizers we can dedicate themed drawers, obtaining several levels of storage. In the case of cabinets, for example, once finished their drawers we will have no choice but to resort to the vertical central space. This prevents worse access if we stack without separators and often leave gaps uncovered. In the case of the showcases, they will be a very important element to decorate with what we do not want to have unprotected: such as glasses, dishes or especially delicate decorative figures.

Sideboards for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most private area of the house, where a sideboard is probably unnecessary. In this case we can resort to better solutions such as a chest of drawers or discreet cabinets. However, we can use the display cabinet as a place for exhibitions: photos, small figures, toys, games or any other item that we make a collection. Many times our closets and storage rooms are full of things, such as books or board games, that well cared for could be a very powerful decorative element.

Sideboards 30 cm deep and more. Optimize your furniture

Not everything has to be big solid pieces. But many times a 30 cm deep sideboard or similar will save us a lot of storage space. The amount of cubic centimeters that we can gain with sideboards of this style is similar to what we will take advantage of with a closet twice the size. Due to the division by organizers, we will avoid empty spaces or stacking objects in a not very optimal way. And so we optimize the use of our furniture. Check our measurements, you can find a sideboard of 40 cm; or more discreet, 20 cm for example. The key is to know the room where you want to place it and its layout, to know the exact measurements and if you can get that in that room other furniture is not necessary.

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