Designer led lamps

Make your home shine with lots of light and little energy expenditure with designer LED lamps. Nowadays, you don't have to give up design for having the latest technology, as designer LED lights combine creativity, science, advances and style. Find your perfect designer led lamp in the large catalogue of modern lighting that you will find on our website.

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LED design lighting - quality, technology and style

Most of the lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights that you can find in our stores and website have integrated LED lighting or allow you to place LED bulbs. This is because there are many benefits of LED design lamps: they allow savings in light consumption, provide high quality lighting and performance, emit a light that does not damage the view and are very easy to install.

In addition, LED design lights also bring social benefits, since they have a long life, energy saving, since LED technology gives us the possibility of energy savings higher than traditional halogen bulbs. This saving can mean, in some cases, up to 80% less in the amount of the electricity bill. They are also good for the environment, as they do not contain mercury inside.

In Trends Home we have a large selection of LED lamps design withgreat style and quality, which will help you to give light and warmth. In addition, you have several options to illuminate your home or business with elegant floor lamps, designer table lights, designer ceiling lamps and designer pendant lamps.

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