Designer table lamps

Fill every room in your home with light and create the perfect atmosphere with designer table lamps. This type of lighting brings life, light and a lot of personality to your home. Discover among all the designer table lamps available the perfect option for you, within the wide catalogue of modern lighting.

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Design table lamps

The table lamp, especially in a side table or bedside table, is one of the most classic elements of our homes. Of very varied forms it is an inevitable decorative element, since we will be sitting next to it or at least very close to it. To achieve a discreet but at the same time effective effect we will need to choose the right design, and for this we leave you some tips on design table lamps.

Nordic table lamps by Ethnicraft

When we look for a piece of furniture or decorative design element our main concern has to be durability; it's no use buying a designer table lamp if it won't last as long as we expect it to. But that is not a problem with the design Ethnicraft, thanks to specially selected materials and a design fully adapted to the function they will perform, the lamps are resistant and durable Ethnicraft are resistant and durable. Choose the design you like the most because our entire catalog is quality guaranteed.

Wooden table lamps

Wooden table lamp is the nordic or rustic touch that many living rooms and bedrooms need. Wood gives warmth to the environment and can be a very interesting counterpoint to a metal or glass table, which will always convey more coldness than its wooden counterpart. In addition, thanks to the varnish, a wooden table lamp can be very resistant, although it will always be less resistant than its metal counterpart.

Vintage metal table lamps

Yes, the metal lamp is lighter, but it can also be heavier so it may not be a suitable choice if we plan to move it around a lot. If we want a modern table lamp of course we have to go for metal, thanks to it the lamps have more stylized finishes and can make more delicate figures. In addition, thanks to its great resistance, we will be sure that we have chosen a very resistant and durable lamp.

Modern and original table lamps for living room

The living room table is larger and can hold more than a bedside table; that is why table lamps can be larger. They are generally used as an auxiliary light source and even as a reading light in most cases; however they also have more volume and take up more space. In the case that we choose a table lamp, we will have to check the type of distribution and where we want to place it; if our intention is that it is a movable lamp is better to go for more discreet and small models.

Lamps for bedside tables

The bedside table lamp is a special type of table lamp. We need it to be small and movable, so that it does not take up too much space, and above all to provide adequate lighting. In that case the metal lamp may be too heavy, so it would be convenient to use a wooden lamp and be able to move it more comfortably.

The table lamps follow modern and minimalist styles of industrial style, or change radically to a classic style of glass. For those who love reading, there is the Taj mini lamp, agile, practical and discreet, perfect to be placed on the coffee table.

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