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The cocktail is an art that is booming, and being a good bartender is not so easy. To prepare a good cocktail enjoying at home with friends is essential that you learn what are the cocktail utensils you should use, and in trendshome you have the solution.

Cocktail shakers are the main utensil to prepare a good cocktail. A cocktail shaker is a container that was designed to mix liquids of different densities, as well as to cool drinks by introducing ice. In trendshome you will find them in stainless steel, and even double glass to see how it is mixed.

In addition to the shaker you will also find spoons, measurers, chopper, scratched and recipe book.

There is also the option of buying different sets, such as Cocktail Set, Mojito Dry Collection Set and Gin Tonic Set. If you are a fan of the latter, you will also like the botanicals for gin and tonic.

If what you like is wine instead of cocktails, no problem, we also have accessories for wine lovers. In this section you can find openers, aerators, corkscrews, coolers, pourers, corks, corkscrews both manual and electric, airtight stoppers and thermometers, as well as corkscrew and glass marker sets, ideal to avoid confusion.

Wines and champagnes must be at the right temperature, if this is not the case, do not worry, because we have stainless steel and acrylic coolers and ice buckets.

In trendshome you will find everything you were looking for with the quality you deserve.

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