Kitchen pots

When it comes to cooking, it is essential to have kitchen jars, which help you to carry out kitchen tasks with precision and comfort when it comes to taking any product. You will find a wide variety of options in our kitchenware products.

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Design and modern kitchen containers

The kitchen containers are your best ally to keep everything tidy and clean, its modular storage is perfect for small and large kitchens. They make us take advantage of the space more efficiently and that food is better preserved; also thanks to the fact that we can choose between different sizes we can adapt to the storage needs at all times. From Trendshome we have created a wide catalog selecting high quality kitchen containers, ensuring long-term durability even in cases of intense use.

Original glass kitchen containers

Glass is one of the best materials for a kitchen container, it avoids the contagion of flavor between the content and the container. In addition, nowadays glass is very resistant to shocks and intense use, a point against which traditionally plastic had better qualities. Glass prevents food from having its flavor altered after successive washings and by the effect of use over time, and glass containers also withstand high temperatures better and do not deform over time. Glass containers are always a better option, because although they may be slightly higher in price, in the end they compensate for their great durability and resistance.

Non-drip oil cruets

Oil is one of the great ingredients of Spanish cuisine, and the key is to store it as what it is: liquid gold. The non-drip oil dispenser prevents residual oil from remaining in the nozzle as it happens in other oil dispensers, blocking the outlet and causing the container to be stained, making it slippery and sticky; and wasting oil unnecessarily. The non-drip cruet is also easy to wash and store, and has a comfortable grip to promote an even distribution of oil. It is lightweight and transportable, so you can comfortably move it around.

Sugar and salt shakers

The portable sugar and salt shaker allows just the right amount to be distributed evenly. Its outlet holes prevent debris that may block it, and its ergonomic grip and high quality materials make both the touch and the use always feel like the first day. In addition, both the sugar bowl and the salt shaker are light and easy to transport, and can be stored anywhere in the house without any problem

Glass molds

Glass molds are the best option for cooking, they allow to keep the different preparations hot without affecting the taste and can withstand much higher temperatures than their plastic analogues, which lose their thickness with use and modify the taste of the food. A glass mold is also more durable and easier to handle as it is much less possible for food to stick to its surface, making cooking much easier. In addition, from a visual point of view, we can use glass molds as a decorative piece or as storage for small pieces such as fruits; giving a more pleasant and homely image than using a plastic mold.

Glass Cheese Molds

A glass cheese dish is a sign of good taste and a great addition to your kitchen. Glass is a perfect insulator that allows you to maintain a constant temperature even if the temperature outside is higher, keeping the cheese fresh and ready at all times. In addition, the cheese maker itself is a great decorative element for our home, since its shapes and finishes will be perfect for both the most modern kitchens and for the most vintage kitchens that want to give a touch of sophistication. In addition, the glass cheese maker does not alter the flavor of the cheese and avoids contamination by exogenous agents such as air or particles in suspension.

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