STUA stools

Stua brand has modern and functional designs, taking care that the shape of each angle of the product is aesthetically attractive, original, that transmits freshness and coherence for its use and comfort, and the STUA stools are a good example of this.

Buy Stua stools for your home

Stua stools are inspired by the curves of the human being, to this its curved design that makes it so identifiable of the brand, with its fine and shaped lines, providing volume and breaking the rules of the straight lines of the rest of the fixed furniture of any room.

The seat of the Stua stools achieves comfort in its entirety, from its shape to its finish, being adaptable to the taste of the consumer and being suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

From Trends Home we work with designer furniture and high quality, from leading brands. In the Stua collection you will find the ideal furniture to complement your design stools, such as Stua design sofas, a fundamental piece to include in the living room, the stua table with Stua chairs in which you will enjoy preparing family meals or with friends.

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