Design and Nordic side tables

Even the smallest details count in the decoration of a house. A coffee table, a tea table or a corner table in the living room help to build a coherent and complete decoration. A side table is a great little detail in our living room or bedroom. Take a look at all the options we offer you.

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When we talk about a side table, it is not just a small and forgettable part of our furniture. It is rather a complement to our room. With a double function, moreover: on the one hand it serves as a decorative element and on the other it has a more practical function. And like any element that we choose to complement our home, it can not be by chance.

For example, a folding side table can be perfect for people who do not need to have a continuous use and saves space. It can serve as a discreet piece of furniture on which to rest occasional items, such as a laptop table or tea table. And it can be hidden away when not needed. But is a wooden folding table the best choice for an industrial style? Is a glass table top the best choice for a rustic style? Knowing what style of decoration we have in our living room will make it much easier to choose the right table.

A side table for every style

Not every table works with every style. They can detract from our overall efforts. And while it's true that a proper side table doesn't draw attention to itself, choosing one that doesn't fit our living room or bedroom does draw attention to itself. Details such as the paint, the rest of the furniture or the colors we use determine the best table for each room.

side tables nordic

A Nordic side table would be perfect as a wooden table in a Nordic living room. This style's use of white and earthy colors, large windows and the play of light make wood always a great choice. The Nordic side tables generate a warm effect, thanks to the wood, which contrasts very well in this type of decorations. They can also use combinations with glass. But it is not usually common, a simple natural wood table does not overload the room and is as effective as it is simple.

side tables industrial

An industrial style combines exposed materials such as brick, steel or bronze with furniture with straight, hard lines. Like factory furniture. A good choice would be to use a low square table, in satinwood or methacrylate. Or a wired side table, with geometric shaped lines. Also very interesting are the side tables that imitate cement or concrete, they fit very well with an industrial style. The same goes for wrought iron or iron tables, metal tables are pure industrial style. It is also interesting to choose side tables with magazine rack or storage compartments, since the industrial minimalist effect disappears if we overload the environment.

side tables vintage

The side tables were the queens of the 40's, which currently inspires the vintage style. A vintage side table will be immediately recognizable, because it belongs to a very specific style. A patterned side table, the typical manicure table that can also be used for coffee. Or the table for dining on the sofa. The vintage world is the king style of these tables. For example, for the small round stretcher table, used to leave the phone or the lamp next to the sofa. It can also be used in the bedroom, as a bed side table, especially if we want to use drawers or magazine rack. We can also use simple wicker tables as side tables, although there are better options.

side tables modern

Modern styles look for wide spaces, simple and elegant. An elevating table can be a good option. They will allow us to enjoy as much space as possible without having to give up an extra support surface. They can also be useful in specific moments, such as visits or parties at home. For this we can also use a folding high table, but if it is not something we are going to use frequently we will not give more use. Discreet plastic tables used as a laptop stand or that can be used as a table for dining on the sofa, marry very well with this style. As well as a methacrylate side table, for the even more discreet.

small or large living room?

It is often believed that a side table is only suitable for small apartments, but it is not true at all. Yes, a folding table saves a lot of space and does not bother too much when it is not necessary. But a large living room can also benefit. For example, a side table that is a lifting table can help us to not have to resort to a dining table so wide, because we can use it as a second support surface. We can also resort to an extendable side table, which serves to expand the space at specific times such as lunches or dinners, to serve as a waiter table. The key is not to overload the space, being smart when choosing furniture; so that all of them support each other and fulfill a specific function.

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