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The cookware brand WMF is an indisputable reference in the culinary world, and at Trends Home we are pleased to offer you an exclusive selection of these essential utensils for your kitchen. With over 160 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality products, WMF has conquered chefs and cooking lovers around the world, and now you can have them at your fingertips.

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Buy casseroles from WMF

Among the most outstanding are the WMF cookers, which come in different versions to suit your culinary needs. The express cooker WMF is one of the most popular, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes in record time thanks to the fast cooker from WMF with its innovative airtight sealing system. Its functional and ergonomic design will make your life easier in the kitchen and guarantee delicious results.

Another option is the WMF Perfect cooker, one of those that has been perfected over the years to offer you the best culinary experience. The WMF Perfect Plus cooker takes this tradition one step further, with additional features that will surprise you.

If you are a lover of authenticity, we also have the WMF Perfect Antique cooker. This version, inspired by the brand's origins, will bring you new cooking sensations with the cutting-edge technology of WMF.

You will also find the pressure cooker WMF, an indispensable classic in any kitchen that will allow you to save time and energy in your daily preparations. As well as buying the WMF casseroles that are ideal for preparing stews, soups and delicious sauces. And if you are looking for something different, do not miss the low casserole WMF, perfect for sautéing ingredients and simmering dishes full of flavor.

At Trends Home, we offer a wide range of products from WMF to complete your cookware collection and take your cooking experience to the next level.

how about completing your kitchen with some WMF frying pans? Or for coffee lovers, WMF coffee makers are an excellent choice. Don't forget the WMF cutlery, with elegant and functional designs that will enhance the presentation of your meals.

In addition to the wide range of kitchen utensils from WMF, at Trends Home we also have products to make other kitchen tasks easier. For example, the WMF mini chopper is ideal for chopping and shredding ingredients, and you can explore the Kult chopper from WMF, a versatile and modern option for your chopping needs.

To keep your drinks always at the perfect temperature, we recommend the jug WMF, and for breakfast, you can't miss the toaster from WMF, which will allow you to enjoy delicious golden toast every morning, with which you can heat water for your favorite teas and drinks with the kettle from WMF.

Complete your collection of WMF products at Trends Home and discover German excellence in every detail of your kitchen. With us, cooking will be a real pleasure!

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