Designer chests of drawers

Chests of drawers make our lives easier and more comfortable. They are a very efficient way of saving space and one of the most important pieces of modern bedroom furniture.

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Design and quality chests of drawers for your room

The typical white chest of drawers has been the queen of our bedrooms and rooms. But we have to evolve. Home decoration has changed a lot compared to how it was a few years ago. New styles and new ways of organizing the space makes us need different design chests of drawers and new styles. We will always have that white dresser as a resource, but we have to try different things.

Vintage chests of drawers

The vintage style seeks an updated rustic touch in imitation of what our parents and grandparents used to decorate their homes. The most vintage chests of drawers are usually massive, bulky pieces. Inspired by the chests of drawers used as a second closet, where to keep the dishes, bedding, makeup accessories or clothes that do not touch by season. A dresser with mirror also gets that vintage touch we are looking for, as they were very common in living rooms and bedrooms. The rustic touch can be achieved with wood, with a soft or transparent varnish, to give that touch a little rough that marries so well with a vintage chest of drawers for living room or bedroom. As for colors, we will try to reduce them to a minimum, since we are looking for something sober and discreet.

Modern chests of drawers

The modern style seeks minimalism in its compositions. In the case of furniture, optimize the space to the maximum so that it is not necessary to use too bulky furniture; and if they are, it is not necessary to use too many. A modern style chest of drawers will be a discreet piece, which can use colors to break possible monochromies, but it will be a chest of drawers with 30 cm depth or more, so that they can be used as extra storage space. The paler colors of wood will be the best choice, as we will avoid monochromies but without drawing excessive attention. We can use a dresser with mirror to give a greater sense of spaciousness and open space, if it is a corner dresser or is in a strategic position.

Nordic chests of drawers

The Nordic style is based on wood, white or cream colors and the generation of wide spaces. And a chest of drawers is perfect for all of this. A Nordic chest of drawers, as with a modern chest of drawers, is a wooden piece designed to save space. So we need it to be a chest of drawers with enough depth for the function we want it to perform: cutlery and crockery, tablecloths, bedding, accessories and junk, etc.. This will save us from having to use other furniture. And being a wooden chest of drawers we break the trend for white or gray Nordic style, getting a discreet touch with a beech wood chest of drawers or a more obvious and regal with an oak chest of drawers. The idea is to bring warmth thanks to the wood and generate that special homey touch of the Nordic style. Since we will not be able to incorporate it in sofas, beds, curtains or other elements, we need a Nordic chest of drawers to counterbalance it with its wood.

Industrial chests of drawers

The industrial style looks for wrought iron and factory finishes; something coarse, with few ornaments and materials in the air, functional and practical. In the case of chests of drawers, we will have to avoid bright colors, looking mostly for pale woods along with straight chests of drawers, without curves or smoothed angles. We can use a mirrored chest of drawers, as glass works well with this style of decoration. The idea is, for example, to recover that touch of pallets, with wood, in appearance, untreated. It is a very youthful and dynamic style, not suitable for chests of drawers that are going to perform in more sober and minimalist scenarios.

Chests of drawers for bedrooms. Organize by function

The chest of drawers is an eminently functional piece of furniture. It was created for something very specific: to store and not draw attention to itself. While with cabinets, doors or tables, which occupy a more conspicuous place, we can make more effort in its decoration with the chests of drawers we will always have to seek discretion. And unfortunately that can make that what serves us for a living room chest of drawers, does not do it with a bedroom or kitchen chest of drawers. Since different styles, different spaces, necessarily need different furniture. The best way to achieve this is to organize it by functions.

Chests of drawers for the living room

A living room chest of drawers will generally be a larger piece than those intended for other rooms. Especially if we do not want to have to resort to other furniture. So they will be large and sturdy pieces, probably in solid wood. So that they marry well with the rest of the furniture. If we choose a narrow or too discreet chest of drawers, we can fall into the error of drawing attention by default not wanting to do it by excess as we generate a natural vacuum in our living room that we ourselves or the visitors are accustomed to see full.

Chests of drawers for the kitchen

A kitchen chest of drawers can be narrow. Since we will inevitably have other furniture that can fulfill better fuciones: such as storing the most bulky kitchen utensils. With a narrow chest of drawers we can use it as storage space for all those small things that right now we have scattered: spices, cutlery, smaller plates and cups, preserves or ingredients that must be stored in a dry and temperate place among many other things. Thanks to this, we will be able to concentrate everything in the same space. It can also serve as decoration, as a support for plants such as parsley and rosemary, used in the kitchen and that can give a touch of freshness to the whole environment. Also with rugs or a narrow tablecloth we can generate a rustic touch, if we are looking for a vintage chest of drawers.

Chests of drawers for the bathroom

In the case of the bathroom, we will look for woods such as beech or oak, which are not prone to absorb moisture. They can be used to store towels, soaps or a small medicine cabinet and daily beauty center. Depending on the type of bathroom the wood can fit more or not, so it is a decision that we can not take lightly.

Chest of drawers for the bedroom

The chest of drawers is the star piece of furniture in the bedroom. It was the room for which it was devised in the first place. An effective way to save space. Since it is the most intimate room in the house we can take greater licenses. For example, looking for a more solid piece or woods that surely do not match the overall style. As in principle we are only going to see it ourselves, the impact of going it alone is less in this case.

Narrow dresser and other ways to gain space

Sometimes it is not necessary to have a large or wide chest of drawers. We can gain space in other ways. In that case, a narrow chest of drawers can be just what we need to store what the rest of the furniture does not fit or is not necessary, such as accessories or small utensils such as cutlery or glasses that are used occasionally. For example, we can use a chest of drawers to store wine bottles; with a soft padding at the bottom, thanks to a narrow chest of drawers we can improvise a cash without compromising space.

Another way to generate that feeling of spaciousness in with pale wood dressers, as used in the modern style, so we can avoid that the attention of our eyes rest on them. Something we can also achieve with mirrors or plants. If we are with a corner chest of drawers, it will be especially important that it is a narrow chest of drawers, to avoid at all costs the agglomeration within the space.

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