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The BRA brand is present among the Trends Home kitchen articles. BRA cookware stands out for its robustness with the best technology to achieve spectacular results.

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Among the BRA pots, there is the BRA express pot, all of them coinciding with its manufacturing material of extremely resistant cast aluminum, with non-stick coating Teflon Profile high quality Platinum Plus free of PFOA, exclusive in Spain, very durable and a with scratch resistance.

In the same way that the BRA fast cooker meets efficiency for intensive cooking use, standing out for its durability thanks to its body. Including the transparent lid, it maintains the temperature and cooking steam, allowing you to control it without lifting it, helping to reduce cooking times. Each of the BRA pans includes two silicone handles to hold it and to move it comfortably from one side of the counter to the other.

In addition, the pots Bra Efficient Plus, gather the best technology to achieve exquisite results, both on the stove and in the oven, where it is characterized by perfect cooking thanks to its excellent temperature distribution, being suitable for all heat sources, including induction, as it has a full induction diffuser bottom, so they are part of our catalog of pots and pans.

In any of its sizes BRA efficient plus is practical and very functional, with large capacity and perfect for efficient cooking, with which you can easily clean it.

To have a BRA pressure cooker is to have a passion for gastronomy. Getting one of them, will be to have a tool of high added value to your recipes, that will satisfy your needs, and will exceed your expectations when cooking, the result of your elaborations and the duration that the product will provide you with respect to its good appearance and use.

By incorporating BRA frying pans and BRA coffee makers, your kitchen will become an authentic professional space to enjoy.

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