Le Creuset kitchenware and utensils

With the variety of Le Creuset brand products, you will also find Le Creuset kitchen utensils, very useful for your kitchen. You can find them all on our website and in our physical shops located in Calvià and Palma.

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Among the selection of Le Creuset kitchenware you will find the Le Creuset spoon spatula, which has a high heat resistance, up to 250 ° C, perfect for stirring dressings, as with the Le Creuset spatula for sautéing, these being a classic to stir your preparations as well as the Le Creuset silicone spatula.

Cut your preparations from the Le Creuset baking tray with Le Creuset knives, sharpening them before with the Le Creuset knife sharpener and complementing the wine bottles and other elements for the table, with Le Creuset accessories.

Continue to discover the brand's collection with Le Creuset cast iron pans and Le Creuset frying pans to make your best side dishes, stir-fries and grills.

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