Puffs convertible into beds

The folding puff bed is the safe bet if you are looking for rest and comfort while making the most of the space. Discover all the options of folding puff bed that you will find on our website and choose the option that best suits your home among all the available options of puffs.

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why buy a folding puff bed?

Despite its small size when closed, with the puff bed you can rest and relax in total tranquility thanks to its comfortable seat. At Trends Home we offer you several options of puffs convertible into a bed of great quality and with a unique design; not only will you be able to rest, but with the puff bed furniture , you will also decorate your home. Folded they do not take up much space and work perfectly as an extra seat in which to spend time chatting. Once deployed the sofa puff bed, occupies according to the measures indicated by each offering all the comfort and relaxation you need.

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The folding puff bed will be your great ally when you receive unexpected visitors who eventually stay to sleep, especially if your home has few square meters. It is also a very effective solution as an extra bed in the room of children and adolescents. The puff convertible into a bed is at the same time: puff, armchair and bed, and combines in its design the concepts of functionality and decoration.

In Trends Home you have a wide variety of prices of puff bed for you to choose the one that best suits you. They are ideal for one person and are made with the best materials for a great rest. In addition to puffs convertible into bed you have a large catalog of modern puffs, round puffs, wicker puffs and puffs with velvet.

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