Extendable dining tables

Extendable dining tables are a perfect choice if you have limited space, but are looking for a table that can increase seating space to suit your needs. Find the perfect modern extendable dining table for you in our selection of dining room tables.

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why buy an extendable dining table?

An extendable dining table is practical and functional because it adapts to your specific needs such as unexpected visits or important events. In other words, with extendable dining tables you will be able to have extra space for your guests quickly and easily and, when it is not necessary, make the most of the available space in your living - dining room. If you are a social person and love to host lunches and dinners, or simply have a large family, modern extendable dining tables are a must in your home.

which extendable dining table to choose?

There is no one option better than another, but each type of extendable dining room table has its own characteristics and you should choose taking into account the space and budget you have available. There are folding dining tables in rectangular, circular or oval shapes, but extendable wooden dining tables are a safe bet because of the timelessness of wood and the warmth it brings to any space. You should also keep in mind that choosing the right shape and style of a table is essential to create a harmonious environment because, remember, it is the star of the dining room.

At Trends Home we work with great brands and suppliers to offer you quality furniture and design, such as Ethnicraft, PLM Design or KARE Design. We have prepared a great selection of large extendable dining tables in different shapes, styles and finishes, so you only have to choose the option that best suits you. If you are looking for more ideas and options, we also have rectangular dining tables, round dining tables and oval dining tables.

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