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Do you want a built-in wardrobe or a corner wardrobe? Knowing exactly what your home needs will help you a lot when it comes to deciding which designer wardrobe is best for your home, within modern designer bedroom furniture.

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Closet to suit your tastes

If we could pick one part of the house that has one of the biggest impacts on the decor, discounting entire rooms, surely the closet would be king. It doesn't matter if it's a bathroom cabinet, a kitchen cabinet or a built-in closet in a bedroom. It is a piece of furniture that always fills the space and attracts people's eyes. Not only because of its size, but also because it articulates the space around it.

Imagine a broom closet, it may seem a minor detail in a house, but it can prevent us from needing a shoe rack, for example. It can even serve as a closet, avoiding that we have to spend more space. A good choice of the right closet can turn a sad hole in our house into something much more complete. Thanks to the entity that brings a closet to the room. But do you know which closet best suits your decorating style? Maybe a metal cabinet or a plastic cabinet, maybe a solid wood cabinet, but will we choose oak or a stained wood. We tell you the main decorating styles so you can always make the best decision.

Nordic closet

Nordic cabinets fit well in environments with a high presence of wood. Normally maintaining the original color and texture, to bring warmth to environments that otherwise would be very cold. They make a good contrast with the usual black and white color. A good use, for example, would be as a hall closet, to make the entrance more pleasant and the room warmer for visitors. In the same way, if we merge closet and shoe rack we could enjoy more space for the entrance of our house. This type of solid wood closet is also a very good choice as a walk-in closet. Since they will have large capacity and its spacious interiors can turn it into a mirrored closet, saving the need to have an exterior one. As a kitchen cabinet it will give more warmth to the room. But they may not be recommended as a bathroom cabinet.

Industrial cabinet

A metal cabinet is the ultimate exponent of industrial style. Its defining features are a preference for exposed materials, such as metals, bricks or beams. And a preference for minimalist decor. This type of metal cabinets can also work well as an interior cabinet, as its neat finishes marry very well with this type of decorations. Another advantage is that it is a type of cabinet without resin, so the natural of wood, although it is slowed in other cases, in this deterioration does not occur directly. Since the industrial style bets on open and diaphanous spaces, a good choice is to choose an open closet. That way we could have a dressing room without having to dedicate an entire room for it. And if it is a mirrored closet, we will also avoid having to install an exterior one; so we gain space and functionality. We can also try with a plastic closet, but with all the options available, this will not be necessary. In the search for this functionality it is also a good choice to choose a broom closet. And even a large built-in closet, which will allow us to gain as much space as possible, without compromising anything else.

Modern closet

Modern spaces marry very well with a youthful closet, which brings freshness to the rest of the decor. Given the usual choice of colors of this style, a white closet is always a good choice. The search for diaphanous spaces in this style makes a small or built-in closet suitable, with medium-sized closets being more on the side, as they do not optimize space as much as built-in closets nor are they as discreet as small closets. Bad choices for this type of decoration would be, for example, a fabric closet; because it would break with the current style we want to give it. Modern cabinets are also a good choice as an outdoor cabinet, for example in terraces or gardens. Its large dimensions make them a good choice if we want to put in our outdoor cabinet antique furniture that we do not want to get rid of, but that takes up too much space inside our house.

Vintage closet

The vintage style of decoration is based on the 40's. At that time, straight lines and materials that we would now consider more rustic were preferred, as in the case of the trunk closet, a custom recovered from the past. Avoiding the minimalism of other styles. A good example of this style would be a fabric closet, because it matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture. It is interesting to use this type of closet as an interior closet, since the fabric makes its insulation is not enough as an exterior closet. This style usually prefers a large closet, but that does not become a built-in closet, as they often use the upper parts as improvised shelves. It would not be the best choice as a youth closet, as it is far from what would be closer to them by age. A wooden cabinet with resin, for example oak or beech, would be a very good choice as long as it is not stained. At this time is when the mirrored closet and the open closet are born, so we can easily find examples within this style. The white and stained wood closet is not usual, as well as the metal closet. It can be a good choice, however, if we want a cabinet we want to choose a broom cupboard or as a kitchen cabinet.

Types of cabinets

Not only the style is important, nor the function it will perform. We can be clear that we want a closet and shoe cabinet, or a baby cabinet; for your room. But there are more decisions. Do we want it to be an open closet, a closet with doors, or maybe we want a walk-in closet. Or maybe we want a walk-in closet. Not only do we have to make decisions about its functionality, we also have to make decisions about the type of closet we want.

open or walk-in closets?

An open closet is ideal for open spaces or even for those with limited space who want to optimize it to the maximum. Closets with doors are more classic and may not be to everyone's taste. If we want to continue saving space we can resort to closets with sliding doors, which allow us not to show the interior. Having an open one prevents us from having a closet with a mirror, but there is always some sacrifice to be made. The mirror is still difficult in a closet with sliding doors, but not impossible.

Walk-in closet

Sometimes we don't have enough space for a walk-in closet or we can't dedicate an entire room to it. But if it is among our dreams, we can have it thanks to a walk-in closet. They can be either open closets or closets with doors. They usually have an average size and it is usual to find it as a built-in closet. The good thing about a walk-in closet is that it allows us a large storage space, even larger than a standard wardrobe closet. True, it is not the same as having a walk-in closet, but it is close enough.

Trunk closets

A chest closet is an elegant vintage touch in our home. Especially in a bedroom or living room, where they can also serve as a stool, gaining extra space. They are generally low and wide cabinets, so they should be placed next to other furniture or as a corner cabinet. And they can be perfect as a second storage space. They also allow to make invisible divisions between spaces, for example in large rooms such as a living room. And their vintage touch is discreet, totally recommendable even if the rest of your style does not follow the same line.

Outdoor cabinet

An outdoor closet can be a good choice for a house with a garden or terrace, but they must be spacious. A closet in the garden is useful if we want room to store everything we need to keep it well cared for, such as tools and fertilizer. It is especially relevant if we also have a swimming pool, because we will need even more tools. On the terrace, it can be used to store what we do not need at that moment at home, such as out-of-season clothes, ornaments or cleaning products. Remember not to choose a fabric cabinet for this function, it will suffer a lot outdoors. An oak or beech wood cabinet or a metal cabinet will better withstand the inclemency of the weather.

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