Choosing the perfect and suitable furniture for your home is not an easy task, nor is finding a furniture brand that provides style, safety, quality, sustainability, and respect. Ethnicraft, Belgian furniture brand with great experience in the sector, meets and stands out in each of the characteristics, becoming a benchmark in the field of design and ecological production of furniture, with a strong and winning bet on wood and its sustainable quality.


Ethnicraft has more than 20 years of experience in the furniture sector and is part of a decorative group composed of two brands: Notre Monde and Ethnicraft, in which each brand has a different personality and aesthetics but all of them committed to high standards of design and quality. Its history dates to 1995 when the entrepreneur Philippe Delaisse, a native of Antwerp, traveled to Indonesia and upon returning from his vacation decided to bring with him a container full of furniture and decorative objects to sell. The idea was a great success, so he joined forces with his friend Benoit Loos and within a year, customers were lining up at the city's docks eagerly awaiting each new shipment. After this experience, they decided to create their own firm and dedicate themselves to designing and producing their own furniture.

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Today, Ethnicraft is a large international company that employs thousands of people in its various offices and factories around the world (in countries such as China, France, Singapore, Indonesia...) and whose products are distributed in more than 50 countries in America, Europe and Asia. Despite their great growth and popularity, they have not forgotten their original values: design and sustainable production of functional furniture made of solid oak, teak and walnut.

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Ethnicraft stands out for the simplicity and functionality of its furniture, seeking to move away from ephemeral design trends, creating collections that pursue timelessness that make them suitable for all styles and periods, enduring and aesthetically appealing.

One of its main objectives is to create high quality and resistant wooden furniture that ages well over time, lasting for generations, and that associates well with different styles and trends.

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Exceptional craftsmanship is at the core of the brand and innovation is the driving force that makes them continue, learn and excel. The creation process of each piece is composed of manual processes and advanced techniques, which allows each design to be revised and reworked, again, down to the last detail: curve, texture and line.

 The philosophy behind Ethnicraft is to return to essential values such as simplicity, authenticity and respect for materials. Continuing with this way of thinking, the furniture originates from rational ideas with emotional qualities so they have coined for themselves the term "emorational", that is, emotional and rational at the same time: the emotion is evoked by the material they use, wood, with its color and grain; and the rationality is found in the functionality of the design: simple, pure and contemporary. They seek to create "authentic", durable and quality furniture, with respect for the environment and society.

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Its contemporary style and design, minimalist and simple in its forms and lines, results in strong, resistant pieces, always made with solid wood. This has always been the central material in the Ethnicraft range and its choice as the base element of production is due to its respect for nature and the taste for the material's resistance.

Wood, by its porous nature, makes it possible to design furniture that adapts to the humidity conditions of any environment. Its texture, color and variable appearance give it an attractiveness that improves with age.

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Ethnicraft always pursues sustainability, both in the procurement of the wood and in the production of pieces made from it, as well as its subsequent distribution. The origin of the wood they use is diverse: teak wood comes from two main sources. On the one hand, they carefully recover the wood from neglected buildings or old warehouses (without any cultural value), mainly from the island of Central Java in Indonesia. On the other hand, Ethnicraft works closely with the Indonesian government agency in charge of managing the teak plantations originally established by the Dutch some 150 years ago.

This government agency enforces strict policies regarding annual replanting, size and the number of trees that can be harvested each year. As for the oak, it comes from responsibly and carefully managed forests in France and Serbia. Finally, the walnut used in the various designs comes from American soil.

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They have a great respect for ecology and sustainability that is why all the resulting waste (sawdust, wood, leftover logs, ...) from the furniture manufacturing process are used: sawdust, chips and any leftover material are used to generate heat in the drying ovens, to make the pallets on which the furniture is then transported, used as base material or as gaskets for panel boxes.

Ethnicraft is FSC CoC (Chain of Custody) certified in its distribution centers. FSC is a global, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of the world's forests. This organization guarantees that products bearing the FSC label come from forests that meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

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In the case of the CoC certificate, it guarantees that the company is perfectly placed to buy, store and sell products with a specific FSC certificate, coming from sustainably managed forests, controlled sources and reclaimed materials, or a combination of both.


Its collections are composed of a wide variety of furniture (beds, benches, tables, shelves, ...) in Nordic style with simple and modern lines offering a contemporary and innovative image. 

comedor de madera natural ethnicraft Comedor de madera de roble negro ethnicraft

At the moment, several of the ranges sold by Ethnicraft carry a 100% Recycled FSC label, meaning that the products are made from reclaimed wood. Other collections carry the FSC 100% label, which means that these products are made from wood from FSC certified plantations and are working to increase the number of products with an FSC label.

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