Design, modern and original chairs to decorate your home with the best quality.

When decorating a house we tend to focus on large furniture, but we tend to forget a very important element: the chairs. Yes, we can resort to the classic wooden chairs, which in fact for certain styles are the most suitable; but we leave you some tips along with our catalog. You will find everything from Nordic chairs to vintage chairs.

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Wooden chairs, not only for Nordic chairs

Yes, there is a whole world of chairs, as you will have seen in our catalog. And as you can see, the variety is wide. Are you going to decide on upholstered chairs for your dining room? Or maybe rustic chairs? Knowing what style you want to give your dining room will be key when making this decision. Whether you decide to go to a chair factory or buy them in our store; knowing what you need to create that unique style will determine your decision.

Nordic chairs

The Nordic style is based on the contrast between white and cream or earthy tones. In general it seeks to give warmth to counteract the feeling of cold and rawness of its original environments. How does this affect our chairs? In general we will look for wooden chairs, which do not necessarily have to be rustic chairs, to provide that touch of warmth that will lower the environments. Nordic style chairs are usually discreet and simple, so as not to steal the attention inside our home and not to overload the open spaces. A Scandinavian chair, will seek not to draw that attention and will provide a joint effect with the rest of the furniture. We can also opt for a white Nordic style chair, instead of leaving the wood in sight. It is an option if we feel that the balance between colors and texture is getting out of balance, but if it is not necessary we will lose warmth in the environment, the same happens with the grayish tones. We can solve it in part with white chairs with wooden legs; although it is still an intermediate and partial solution.

Industrial chairs

The industrial style prefers metals and exposed construction elements, to generate that factory feel. So we will need to dispense with wooden chairs and prefer metal chairs. If we want to keep that touch, we can resort to chairs with wooden legs, to subtract rawness to the environment, even if it goes against the style itself. If we want to generate a mix and go for vintage and industrial chairs we can choose a medallion chair, if we do not abuse its use the mix of styles can be a good detail for our living room. Although the rest of the furniture will affect the overall impression. Like most styles we are looking for something discreet and simple, so we will dispense with chairs with arms; more typical of classic styles. Instead, transparent chairs will be our great allies when it comes to getting that much-needed space, while still fulfilling their function in a discreet way.

Modern chairs

The most modern styles look for diaphanous spaces. Where color contrasts help to generate complex compositions, but do not overload the environment. As we said, we prefer chairs without arms, so as not to add too many elements. In this style, we can be more flexible with colors, being able to go for yellow chairs or red chairs, which will bring freshness to the rest of the furniture elements. We can go for classic chairs, such as the typical metallic or wooden ones; although this style leaves the door open to plastic chairs or methacrylate chairs, which will give that modern touch but with discretion. We will avoid upholstered dining chairs, because they correspond to more classic styles. We can make use of vintage metal chairs, keeping in mind that we will again be in a middle ground between two styles that may or may not benefit us. On the other hand, transparent dining or living room chairs will be a great choice, because they will generate a feeling of spaciousness. We can also bet on them as modern kitchen chairs.

Vintage chairs

Recalling more classic styles, such as those found in our parents' and grandparents' homes, we update their lines to adapt them to more modern times. In this style, vintage wooden chairs, the typical of all life, are one of the centerpieces. And, unlike other styles, this time we can use chairs with arms, as they are characteristic of those times. Also, one of the most central pieces are the vintage upholstered chairs, since at that time the upholstery was one of the most requested resources. In general, with the vintage style we will have a lot of flexibility in terms of colors, being able to choose yellow chairs, red chairs or blue chairs without danger of clashing. Even the striking golden chairs. We can also resort to many more materials, from plastic chairs to vintage metal chairs.

Wicker chairs, beyond summer terraces

Using wicker chairs or with elements such as cables or strips, brings a fresh and casual touch. Traditionally they have been used for terraces or rustic lounges, however they can be used in almost any style. If we talk about modern or industrial chairs, we will be looking for elements that do not distract attention and that can fulfill their attention without overloading the environment. So these chairs, along with transparent chairs for example, will be our best decision. They will fulfill their function in a discreet way and, in addition, they will not compete with the rest of the elements for our attention.

In the case of Nordic wooden chairs, wicker fulfills the same function. Its earthy tones will make us get the same warmth while not providing as much shade. Something tremendously relevant due to the large windows and lighting tricks that this style generates; getting the real impression that no shadow is being generated, something difficult with a solid wood chair.

Wooden design chairs, simple but effective decoration

One of the worst puzzles when decorating our home is to try not to overload the spaces. Or at least that should be one of our main concerns. We must look for the perfect combination of our and that is where designer wooden chairs play a fundamental role. First, because it is difficult to think of a piece of furniture that is going to be repeated more in our home. Whether as a kitchen chair, deck chair or the usual dining chair, we are likely to end up with several pairs of chairs. That's why making the right choice is so key. Second, because although discreet, a chair is an element on which sooner or later ends up falling our attention, if only because we are going to sit on them, so we need to choose well.

And finally, the chair is probably the most versatile element that we will find in our house. It is small in size (compared to other furniture), it is easily movable and can be exchanged for other elements such as tables or low furniture. So a good choice increases our options when thinking about original decorations in our home.

A designer chair, following the current trends, is discreet and being made of wood, we ensure that it does not stand out too much. This can also be achieved with transparent chairs. This happens because wood is the usual element in our homes for chairs, so they do not stand out. This effect is reduced if we choose upholstered chairs, because depending on the upholstery, we can draw attention in a negative way. Especially if it is not an upholstered Louis XVI style, and its style, as in medallion chairs, is the most discreet that we can get to find.

Chair brands and styles

Designer chairs stand out for their originality, and furniture manufacturers know it. That's why they are always transforming and innovating, creating unique things. designer chairs not only have to be functional and comfortable, they have to bring aesthetic value to the place where they are placed.

Chairs, whether dining, kitchen or strictly decorative, can stand on four legs, but also on a metal frame without armrests, such as the FACETTE chair, a design that exudes originality thanks to its metal legs. They no longer have a single use, but have practically become individual works of art.

Based on the use given to the chairs it is very important to choose the right material for them, and in trendshome you can find design chairs in polypropylene, elm wood, leather or upholstered in different colors, and minimalist, industrial, modern or contemporary style, as well as folding or stackable chairs, more functional, such as the ARIA chair, designed for outdoors, in eucalyptus wood of great durability, very practical as it is a folding seat.

When choosing your chair design is necessary to match the rest of your home furniture, so you can find modern models, such as the BASIC ABS chair, made of wood and plastic modern and Nordic style, more rustic models combined with vintage as the PARIS chair, white painted wood with worn areas, or the VITAGE chair made of brown leather and goatskin brand Kare, providing a rustic and industrial style for a living room with character.

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