Houseware for boats

At Trends Home you will find everything you need to make your stay at sea feel like home. A complete table is made up of cutlery, glasses, cups and other items that are placed on the table when serving food, and on a boat you can't miss them.

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Nautical kitchenware

In boats kitchenware are usually designed with different materials such as wood, plastic, metal and melamine, however, the latter is not very well known and is one of the most known materials to be in a boat. The nautical kitchenware is an element used in the boat to serve the food, so it is important to choose pieces of excellent quality, which are resistant and durable. Ideally, before embarking, you should purchase the boat utensils that we at Trends Home put at your disposal, completing it with tableware for boats, cutlery for boats and glasses for boats.

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