Tescoma Peelers

Choose the Tescoma brand peeler that best suits your needs, depending on the food to be treated.

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Quality peelers from Tescoma

Tescoma peelers are a perfect ally to perform tasks that require precision and detail. They are ideal for peeling any type of fruit, vegetables and greens according to their shape and cut, thus allowing you to remove the skin smoothly and efficiently, with a very clean cut result, making the most of the piece.

Unlike what happens when we work with knives, with a Tescoma peeler we can make the most of the whole piece of food by removing the thin skin.

Take advantage and complement it with Tescoma's 4-sided grater, Tescoma's steel strainers and Tescoma's frying pans and Tescoma's saucepans that we have both in our physical stores and in our Trends Home online store. Cook like a professional!

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