Tescoma Graters

The Tescoma graters are utensils with a careful and practical design that can not miss in your day to day in your kitchen, as are the multipurpose Tescoma graters.

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Tescoma graters allow you to grate very precisely freehand, ideal for use directly on the preparation while cooking.

Tescoma ' s citrus graters are essential for baking and for the bar. Also, in Trends Home we have at your disposal the classic 4-sided model with which we can grate in different types of practically all types of food.

Have everything you need when cooking with the brand's utensils that Trends Home offers, from the Tescoma frying pan essential for sautéing, the Tescoma pot for cooking or other utensils that help you cut and prepare unique recipes such as the Tescoma strainer, the Tescoma peeler to peel with precision or the Tescoma mold to make your best stuffed pasta.

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