Mini Cocotte

Cook your best dishes with the selection of original Le Creuset cooking pots that we at Trends Home have made for you, with which you will be able to enjoy a good small preparation and result with the Le Creuset mini cocotte pans.

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Le Creuset' s mini cocottes are suitable for cooking and serving individual portions or small side dishes. Also for serving spreads, condiments or appetizers. In addition, the lid allows you to use it to heat sauces in the microwave or keep appetizers in the refrigerator.

The Le Creuset mini cocotte set, are made of heat-resistant stoneware ceramic, made with a special clay, which retain the temperature and offer exceptional strength and durability, withstanding temperatures between - 23 ° C + 260 ° C.

In addition, the mini cocotte Le Creuset, are decorated with the three emblematic rings of Le Creuset combining perfectly with the rest of the collection, such as cast iron pots Le Creuset, as well as buy the cocotte Le Creuset and Le Creuset oval cocotte Le Creuset.

To continue cooking other varied dishes, you will succeed with the Le Creuset non-stick pan to prevent food from sticking to you while cooking together with the Le Creuset spoon spatula, with which you can stir the preparation as well as in the Le Creuset mini oval cocotte. Finally, the Le Creuset baking tray will allow you to bake different dishes that require slow cooking without movement.

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