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At Trends Home we love sushi, that's why in both our physical shops located in Mallorca and in our online shop you will find various sets of oriental tableware in our selection of tableware.

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Sushi tableware is part of the traditional Japanese tableware, being thus of daily use for any type of food from the Far East.

Here are some ideas of what you should not miss in your sushi kit.

Plates: Instead of round plates, the Japanese have always preferred rectangular or square shaped plates in their sushi serving set. Another fashionable option is to get white stoneware, bamboo or slate trays .

Chopsticks: If there is one thing we have always known in the West, it is that Orientals use chopsticks to pick up food, instead of forks and knives. Therefore, chopsticks are a must in your sushi tableware set.

Small bowls: To enjoy the taste of sushi even more, it should be accompanied by a little soy sauce and wasabi. To present these two condiments properly, you need two small bowls with a certain depth, which have to be placed in the center of the table.

Place mats: Mats are more than necessary to be able to roll the sushi and give it its characteristic shape.

If you are looking for models inspired by oriental tableware you are in the right section to buy your sushi set with everything you need to get a perfect sushi presentation.

In Trends Home we also have modern tableware, serving trays, modern cutlery, glassware and table accessories.

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