Are you planning to decorate your new living room or renovate the one you already have? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Below, we show you 10 easy steps to get the living room of your dreams.

1. Use adequate lighting in the living room

In the living room we share many moments with our loved ones, so lighting is key to achieve that feeling of comfort. To achieve proper lighting, lights should be indirect and warm, preferably from floor, table and reading lamps.

You should also take into account the size of your living room. If it is narrow and elongated, the ideal is to take advantage of the natural light from the windows and use wall lamps or halogen spotlights on the ceiling. On the other hand, if the living room is square and small, it is preferable to combine ceiling lamps with floor and table lamps.


And if you are looking for a modern and minimalist style for your living room, thewicker candle holders our online store are ideal to get a design and quality lighting.


2. Distribute the furniture according to the size of the room

In the distribution of the furniture, the dimensions of the living room are of special importance, since depending on the size you can place some design furniture or others.

In general terms, you should start with large furniture such as the TV cabinet, the central table or the sofa. After that, you can add other modern design furniture as an armchair, a bookshelf or a side table.


If you have a rectangular room, ideally, you should buy elongated and shallow furniture. In addition, you can take advantage of the dimensions to create an auxiliary room that can be used as a library or office.

On the other hand, if you have a small room, if there is little room between the sofa and the TV cabinet, it is best to dispense with the central table, especially if there is little room between the sofa and the TV cabinet. To replace it, you can use round coffee tables or designer poufs such as those found in our online store Trends Home that bring an original touch to the room.

3. Choose the style of the table and chairs for the living room

As we said before, if you have a small living room you probably do not have space to place a table with chairs. But if your living room is large you can take advantage of the space for playing with different styles.

For example, you can opt for a rustic style with a wooden table and fiber chairs or a more industrial style with an iron table and leather chairs. At Trends Home you can find original dining tables as well as original chairs with the most exclusive and best quality designs in the market.

Por ejemplo, puedes decantarte por un estilo rústico con una mesa de madera y unas sillas de fibras o un estilo más industrial con una mesa de hierro y unas sillas de cuero. En Trends Home puedes encontrar mesas de comedor originales así como sillas originales con los diseños más exclusivos y de mejor calidad del mercado.


4. Choosing the right sofa for the size of your living room

When buying a sofa you must take into account the dimensions of the room. For example, the "L" sofa has one side longer than the other, making it suitable for a large living room or dining room.

The sofa in line is the traditional two or three-seater sofa that is suitable for all types of living rooms.


The same is true for the modular sofa, which stands out for its ability to adapt to all spaces thanks to its individual pieces.

Finally, the chaise longue sofa has in one of its seats an extension so that the person can lie down. This type of sofas are suitable for large living rooms. In our store you will find a wide selection of modern design sofas for your home.

5. Place the decorative figures strategically

Decorative figures are ideal to break the monotony of bookshelves full of books or tables without decoration. In this sense, you can opt for figurines like the lucky cat Galaxy that you can find in Trends Home and that adds a unique touch to the room.

6. Mirrors in the living room, why not?

Mirrors are used for any corner of the house and the living room is not going to be less. These objects are perfect for the living room because bring elegance and style.

You can opt for a large mirror and place it directly flush with the floor or one or more small wall posts. At Trends Home you can find the Curve Round 100 D mirror that brings a minimalist look to the room.

7. Give importance to the textile aspect of the living room

Natural fabrics are always a good choice for decorating your living room. In this sense, it is worth noting that linen and cotton upholstery in curtains graduate the light and are very practical both in winter and summer. And as for carpets, it is advisable to buy a cotton one for summer and a wool one for winter.


8. Use flowers as a decorative element

A well-placed floral arrangement in a vase or in a minimalist container on the living room table brings freshness to any type of living room. Ideally, the flowers should be fresh, but if they have to be artificial, make sure they are of high quality so that they do not damage the rest of the decoration.

9. Matches the color of the walls to the furniture

The color of a room is the first aspect that you should take into account when buying your furniture and distributing it throughout the room. In this sense, it is advisable that you opt for neutral colors or soft tones on the ceiling and walls, as they combine perfectly with wooden furniture.

To break the monotony a little bit, you can decorate the room with design and quality paintings such as those that can be found in Trends Home.


10. Ceramic and parquet, the best floors for your living room

The trading floor is the star floor for any room in the house for its homey and cozy look. But if you are not convinced by the parquet, ceramic or stoneware floor is an ideal alternative. This pavement, in its lighter shades, adds luminosity and spaciousness to the living room.


We hope these tips will help you decorate the living room of your dreams. You can find the furniture and decorations for your living room at our online store.

Do you need help to achieve the perfect salon for you? Contact our interior design studio and we advise you to achieve that living room where you feel at ease.


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