The bathroom is the first room in our home that says good morning and the last one we visit before going to sleep. Used by everyone and at all times, the bathroom deserves all our attention as it is one of the rooms where clutter is always lurking. If you are also looking for help to keep your kitchen organized, take a look at this post where Lorena Peláez, a professional organizer, gives you 10 Ideas for tidying up your kitchen.

With good planning and practical and versatile organizational solutions, you can establish a routine and order so that no family member will notice that the bathroom has been used before.

In addition, if you are going to tidy up your bathroom seize the moment and the mood to do a thorough cleaning of the house. If you need ideas and solutions to tidy up your house, whatever the time of the year, you should take a look at our post about the KonMari Method that will not only help you with the change of closet, but will also guide you through the whole process, as it includes a downloadable checklist with all the steps, so you can discard what we no longer want or no longer serves us and go effectively ordering and in a simple way.

Give a place to everything (makeup, towels, hygiene products, bath products, cleaning products and much more), get rid of the unnecessary and keep your daily essentials within reach to save time and not to rummage through the bathroom. How to do it? Here are some storage ideas and tips to help you keep your bathroom tidy.

1. The right furniture

If lack of space is the problem, make sure you choose the right furniture to gain storage space. In this sense, opt for furniture with little depth, which will not get in the way and will be useful for the storage of small objects. Bathroom shelves over the toilet in various heights are ideal for storing everyday objects and making the most of empty space.

Bathroom trolleys are simple, effective, versatile and basic to keep order in the bathroom. If you do not have a cabinet or the one you have is too small, opt for a storage cart in which you can store toilet paper, towels, makeup, and even a plant to give color to the space

2. Tidiness from the inside

Boxes, baskets or transparent dividers will be a great help both in closets and drawers, to store objects such as makeup, rubber bands, cotton swabs or brushes.

3. Shelves and supports

The door is a forgotten space that serves as a great help to store, for example, extra towels that are rarely used. Not only does it serve as a functional piece, it is also capable of adding style and differentiation to your bathroom.

Hangers and hangers are inexpensive, but no less attractive solutions. Not only do they help keep towels and bathrobes tidy, they can also be used to show off and keep necklaces organized if you use the sink as a vanity area.

Adhesive hangers are also an excellent option; ifyou like to have your favorite bathroom cleaner close by, hang it strategically with some practical adhesive hangers, where you will always have it close at hand, as well as camouflaged.

4. Hair utensil organizers

If you are one of those who forgets to leave your hair straightener plugged in, the best thing to do is to establish a fixed storage place for it. There are organizers for hairdressing equipment with which to store all the appliances and combs together in an aesthetic and functional way.

5. Storage trays

We are all tempted to leave creams, perfumes and our favorite products next to the sink instead of putting them away, because it's more convenient. A great idea is to place our essentials on a simple tray, so you will have them within easy reach as well as looking attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Automatic dispensers

Toothpaste, soaps, shampoos ... The placement of automatic dispensers not only saves on product, but collaborate in maintaining the cleanliness and order of the bathroom, especially for large families or with small children at home. Some have the capacity to store up to 5 toothbrushes and have a built-in automatic disinfection function with a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%

Set de accesorios de baño en color negro mate Dispensador de jabón en color blanco de umbra

7. Swivel organizers

Rotating trays are a good organization system for small spaces, especially if we have a large variety of cosmetic products. They allow easy access to all products without cluttering the rest when you pick one up.

Organizador giratorio de maquillaje acrílico Organizador de baño circular

Recommendation from an expert organizer

A tidy bathroom will lighten the early mornings, will enhance the feeling of cleanliness and will facilitate the moments of cleaning and organization. If you have a tendency to accumulate, review from time to time all the products and jars you have, and discard those that you no longer use or have been open for too long; remember that hygiene and cosmetic products also have an expiration date.

We hope these tips and ideas from Lorena Peláez Valdés, professional organizer, will help you put your bathroom in order

Lorena Peláez Valdés

Professional Organizer

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