Brabantia waste bins

Brabantia' s offer is very wide, it has designed waste bins to suit every style and use. At Trends Home we offer a wide range of Brabantia waste bins: with pedal, double, retro, elegant, integrated, with compartments, small or up to 60 liters.

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Brabantia brand waste garbage can

At Trends Home you canbuy your Brabantia waste garbage can, being able to choose the way you want to open the compartment. Among them, Brabantia pedal bins open easily with the foot, the garbage cans have no lid and open by touching it. But you can also think about whether you want to turn, push or slide the lid. For that it is important to know how much space you have.

do you need space? Then you can opt for corner garbage cans or a built-in bin, which will take up very little space in the cabinet. You can also choose Brabantia 's wall-hung waste bin model to save even more space.

All Brabantia bins are hygienic, stylish and easy to use. They are recyclable and all come with a 10-year brand warranty. For added hygiene and practicality, use Brabantia bags, which have been specially designed for your bin.

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