Brabantia Clotheslines

Brabantia clotheslines are flexible, sturdy and easy to store. Besides, if you think of all the electricity you will save compared to the dryer, using a clothesline to dry your laundry is the solution to that. At Trends Home we have several types and sizes, which you can hang in the garden, on the terrace, in the laundry room... You can place the Brabantia clothesline wherever you like.

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Brabantia Clothesline International

At Trends Home we have Brabantia clotheslines of all shapes and sizes. Just think about which model you like best and best suits your home.

The wide model with adjustable side wings is perfect for large laundry.

Also, there is the tower model which is perfect for small laundry, thanks to its height you can hang all the laundry, even long garments.

Another option is the hanging clothesline, which can be easily placed on a door, a wall, a handrail or other surface up to 11 cm thick. Ideal for drying laundry on a flat surface.

In addition, Brabantia 's extendable drying racks have a transport locking system, so you can move them easily, even if they are full of laundry. Their sturdy protectors make sure they won't damage the floor.

Whatever your Brabantia preference, at Trends Home we have the clothesline you need, as well as Brabantia laundry hamper, Brabantia bin and Brabantia garbage bags, Brabantia ironing center, Brabantia dish drainer and Brabantia bread bins.

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