Eco-friendly gifts

If our eco-consciousness is more than just a fad; if we do everything with our impact on the environment in mind; or if we not only live in a green home and practice sustainable mobility, but we also try to pass on our vision of life to the people around us... We can choose to make special eco-friendly gifts. We can choose to make special eco-friendly gifts, do you like the idea, do you need inspiration, let's go for it!

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Natural gifts

Giving decoration gifts is always a good idea and even more if they are ecological and sustainable gifts. Here are a few options that you will love.

A plaid is great to keep you warm, but also to decorate and add warmth to the house. Fortunately, more and more plaids are being made from certified organic cotton and designed with health and environmentally friendly dyes to reduce their ecological footprint. A cotton blanket, moreover, will be a sustainable gift that will serve all year round, both in winter and summer.

Eco friendly gifts

Another option is eco-friendly furniture, which is natural, without varnishes, without paints ... Raw wood is fashionable as recycled wood, solid teak wood and also bamboo. Pieces of furniture such as small auxiliary or even accessories made with raw wood or bamboo are possible original eco gifts.

Eco gifts

Another of the top eco gifts are home perfumes. The sales of colognes and perfumes, at Christmas time, for example, multiply. It is a classic gift that always works. So why not give perfumes for the home? Of course, there are ecological ones: air fresheners sticks, scented candles, essential oil diffusers that work with heat... Make sure that the perfume is made according to sustainability criteria with organic ingredients such as essential oils, and you will have a very original organic gift.

These are just a few ideas of eco-friendly gifts you can give to your loved ones, but there are many more! In Trends Home you will find biodegradable gifts, manufactured under sustainability criteria.

Get inspired with the ideas that Trends Home gives you for every occasion, from original kitchen gifts, wine lovers kit, gifts for bartenders, gifts for organized people, original gifts for the house, gifts for dad and original gifts for mother's day.

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