Design ashtrays

Ashtrays are one of the elements that can go unnoticed in a decoration. They tend to be discreet and most of the time they are hidden or put away until they are needed. However, in addition to serving to collect cigarette ashes, designer ashtrays can also becomepart of the decoration of the house.

Decorative ashtrays are elements that cannot be missing in your home, even if you are not a regular smoker. They are original pieces that in addition to fulfilling their practical function, provide a differentiating and decorative touch.

Find the ashtray you need to collect the ash of your cigars with style within the wide catalog of decorative accessories. You may also be interested in our decorative figurines, decorative clocks, pots to decorate, vases, modern coat racks, photo frames, designer wastebaskets, artificial flowers and plants, decorative trays, modern umbrella stands and centerpieces.

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Original ashtrays

Ashtrays are one of the elements that can go unnoticed in a decoration. They tend to be discreet and most of the time they are hidden and stored until they are needed. However, we do not do the same with vases, decorative figures or other elements of our house. An original ashtray, which is different from the classic and boring ashtray, can be the best way to have a double function: practical and decorative.

We have carefully chosen the best ashtray designs to combine these two features. Functionality and aesthetics. In each careful design we have chosen the best materials to achieve a high resistance and durability, which together with an adapted design we get a high quality product. The ashtrays also have to have a strong coating both externally and internally, as they withstand the ashes and subsequent washing without the smell and color are altered after use. With an original ashtray you can find the unique touch that will attract the attention of your visitors.

Small design ashtrays

A small ashtray is the best when we need discretion but without sacrificing style. Its small size means that it can be easily confused with other decorative figures, making it easy to transport to other rooms if necessary or even be stored in plain sight with the rest of the figures. In addition, its studied design allows them to be carried in the hand if, for example, we have to move around the house. The small ashtray also allows us to easily fill the space on a table or shelf, avoiding excessively empty spaces with an elegant and practical solution

Floor ashtrays

The standing ashtray is one of the most comfortable that exist, as it prevents us from having to move when removing the ash from our cigarette. It will also provide an aesthetic vintage touch, since its shapes and inspiration come directly from the time of our parents and grandparents, when there were ashtrays in every corner and public building. If you want to surprise your visitors with an integral vintage design, the standing ashtray is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make.

The long foot of the ashtray makes them very comfortable to move around the house, as they have that firm grip. The reinforced base allows for great stability by keeping the contents inside the ashtray even in the event of sudden movements and its height is measured to fit comfortably at hand height if we are in a chair, armchair or sofa. Even taller models can be used so that we can dispose of the ash in the ashtray without having to bend over.

Outdoor ashtrays

Unfortunately we will rarely be able to use an indoor ashtray outdoors, at least if we want to keep it for a long time. Outdoor ashtrays are made of more resistant materials so that they do not lose their luster even in the toughest conditions. In addition to preserving the careful design and elegant lines that should accompany any original ashtray that is self-respecting. If we want an ashtray that withstands the rigor of the exterior and conditions such as rain or cold we will have to bet on an outdoor ashtray specially designed for this purpose, or the rest of ashtrays that we use will tarnish by the use and we will have to change them every little time.

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