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Small tablecloths and design tablecloths

Many times it is not necessary to place a whole tablecloth on a table if only 2 people are going to eat or if we have something in a hurry, however we must protect the wood or the material the table is made of to allow it to last for a long time without stains or scratches. Placemats are an excellent solution for all those people who have no real need to have a large tablecloth on their table all day long but want to keep their furniture protected.

The small tablecloths are also easily stackable so we can store them in a comfortable and simple way in cabinets or drawers, in addition to the traditional large tablecloths usually made of fabric small tablecloths allow them to be made in stain-resistant materials that facilitate cleaning and above all avoid us more work in the future. Small tablecloths are usually the preferred choice for young people or small apartments where the need for space is important and the style or daily life is more casual.

In Trendshome we have developed a careful catalog of original placemats that will allow you on the one hand to have a practical and economical function to avoid staining tabletops during the day to day and on the other hand that can surprise your visitors and express your personality through our original tablecloths. We invite you to take a look at our catalog, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.

Modern stain resistant placemats

Although it is true that the tablecloths are usually designed precisely to absorb and prevent stains from reaching the wood or material that is built the table, often later because tablecloth is almost as bad as stain because table especially if we are facing a quality tablecloth with intricate embroidery or a tablecloth for special occasions parties. We do not need to use a specific or thought for a more special occasion during our day to day, as usually with a placemat perfectly we can cover all those needs. The ease of storage above all also makes it much easier to use placemats against a large tablecloth because they will need less care and because in the same space in which we opened this large tablecloth we can stack many small placemats.

In addition, placemats have another clear advantage over traditional large placemats, and that is that all metro placemats include a type of stain-resistant component that would be very costly and very complex to replicate in large areas. This type of stain-resistant placemats not only allow to better protect the surface on which they are located but also facilitates cleaning much more in the event that it really ends up staining, and compared to traditional materials of fabric or stain-resistant placemats are usually made of plastic elements that prevent dirt from oozing into the background materials.

The stain-resistant placemat is easy to clean, since it is made of these stain-resistant materials and with just a little water any kind of stain disappears. In more extreme cases and the stain is irrecoverable or if already committed forever our placemat nothing happens, see stain-resistant placemats although they are not specifically designed to make tablecloths to use and throw away yes that allow a much simpler recycling and we can easily replace them in the event that we need it. They are also the perfect solution for kitchens and countertops where we usually deal with a lot of materials that can leave stains and where especially in small apartments we will end up eating lunch or breakfast most days.

The stain resistant placemat is also highly recommended if we have small children and we want to protect our table doubly from stains and scratches, which we can apply a traditional tablecloth covering the entire surface of the table and on the other hand in the specific place where our child or the child in question will eat using a placemat to add an extra layer of protection to our table.

Original cloth tablecloths

The cloth tablecloths are usually the most traditional solution if what we want is to cover a large area or a table completely, depending on the type of embroidery or materials of which the cloth tablecloth is built we can use it from our day to day or it will be more advisable to save it for special occasions. We have already talked about the main advantages of stain-resistant placemats over cloth tablecloths, mainly that they are more easily stackable and that on the other hand they are easy to clean, which makes them much easier to use. However, cloth tablecloths are usually the most suitable if we want to build a vintage decoration in our home or just going to have it all day on the table as a basic protection against any possible stain or to protect it from dust.

Currently most of the fabric tablecloths are usually easily machine washable or machine washable, very few of them even before the most resistant types of stains such as chocolate hello grease will need us to use a manual washing. Depending on the type of fabric in which the tablecloth was built dictate to the greater or lesser washing time, hotel in making it compatible with certain types of detergents; that is why we always recommend reading the cleaning instructions on the label of the tablecloth to know how we should proceed in each specific case.

Cloth tablecloths are also very useful to protect our tables during the day from dust or possible scratches and scuffs in our day to day. And in the case that we need extra protection for special circumstances we can resort to the combination of this cloth tablecloth with stain-resistant placemats or use a protector on the cloth tablecloth to ensure that the stains will not end up reaching the wood or the material in which the table is made.

Vintage plastic tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are not very common because the main function they perform: Preventing tables from getting stained and ease of cleaning are functions that are easily fulfilled by placemats. However, the plastic tablecloth can be used as a protector under a cloth tablecloth or in special circumstances where we need to give extensive protection to the entire surface of our table. In all other respects it is exactly the same as a stain-resistant placemat, with the same ease of storage and the same ease of cleaning if it has been stained. Based on its functions as a protector under other types of tablecloths, the large plastic tablecloth does not usually have much place in the decorations at home or in apartments; being the preferred option however in the world of hospitality.

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