Working from home is becoming more and more common. As in the office, it is essential to have a good workspace that allows us to be productive during our working day. Therefore, the space we dedicate to work must be a comfortable, functional and pleasant place, free of distractions.

We know that it can be difficult to find the ideal place and space, that's why, at Trends Home, we tell you what you need to set up a perfect workspace at home, that makes you feel motivated and perform your workday comfortably.

If you work from home, this is of interest to you!

Choose the ideal space:

The most important thing to work from home is to have the right space to avoid distractions and achieve the highest productivity. Avoid working on the sofa or in your room, spaces that we associate with leisure or rest

The ideal would be to use a room only for work. In many occasions this is not possible: Avoid setting up your office in a passage area, that will only attract distractions. If you need to install it in the living room or bedroom, you can use elements that separate the areas such as shelves or chests of drawers. Carpets or painting the walls a different color are a great resource, their visual effect helps to delimit and show the space dedicated to work


Choose the right furniture according to your needs: a smalldesk or a spacious one, a chair with wheels, shelves, cabinets, etc. It is important that the furniture is not only practical and to your liking, but also comfortable and suitable for long hours. The ideal is to have easy access to everything.


Order is one of the most important keys to feel at ease. Having a tidy space will make you more organized and creative at work. The ideal way to achieve this is to use furniture with a large storage space as well as organizers and the necessary accessories; such as pencil cases, organizers, drawers, wastebaskets, etc.

It is also necessary that you choose a place for everything and that you only have what is really necessary. An organized place is equivalent to an organized mind.


As color psychology explains, colors influence people and they behave differently in front of different colors. Therefore, it is important to define what we want to be the predominant color in our workspace.

White: White is the color of tranquility, serenity and purity. White walls provide a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. This is your color if you are looking for a space in which to improve your concentration and be calm.

Blue: It is said that blue is the color of concentration, it also brings calm. On the other hand, it can also have negative connotations as it is a cold color and can be too sedative.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with creativity, vitality and concentration. It also conveys optimism.

Green: It is important to always have a touch of green in your workspace. This color is associated with nature and brings harmony and serenity.

Other colors such as orange provide a shot of energy and pink and purple are inspiring and bring peace. It is best to go for light tones.

which one do you go with?

Define your style:

Nordic, minimalist, industrial, glam... which one do you choose?

Nordic style conveys warmth; it is practical and simple. On the other hand, the minimalist style is also ideal for a workspace because it is clean and elegant. Whatever style you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and that it conveys the desired image.


This is another key point in your workspace. The ideal is to have a good source of natural light, but this is not always possible. Therefore, it is important that you have lamps that illuminate your workspace, as well as lamps that allow you to get the light whenever necessary table lamps that allow you to get more direct light whenever necessary for those moments of concentration. One aspect to take into account is that the spotlight should not be right over your head in order to avoid shadows that will make you strain your eyes.


Remember that, despite being a workplace, it can also be fun or be decorated to your liking. Plants, pencil holders, a pleasant air freshener, an inspiring wall decoration, a space in which to store and write down your ideas... are ideal for this purpose

Furniture to place at home

When we work from home, one of the most important things is to make this space offers us total comfort. Depending on the area you have available, you will be able to decorate and buy different types of furniture.

Usually, when we are working we tend to be quite distracted, to avoid this problem, we suggest you look for furniture not so flashy, but things that match, but not with which you entertain yourself for a long time.

Office tables to work at home:

One of the indispensable furniture of any office is the table, this should be a bit wide and comfortable, in this way, you can have the computer and the necessary space for the other tools.

When looking for a good office table, always think about its functionality and above all the comfort it can offer you.

A very good option for your office can be the polar desk belonging to the Kare brand, having a simple design, you can easily adapt it to any space. It has a tray under the table, which is quite functional, since you can place the keyboard and other materials you need there

escritorio polar

The work deskis also a very good option. It has a modern and at the same time classic design, the processing materials are fresh wood and white lacquered wood fiber. The style of the legs is one of the most striking aspects, this is because they are cross-shaped. The height of the table is 85 cm * 120 cm wide.

escritorio work

These 2 tables mentioned above are recommended to be used in large spaces and with modern decorations

If you need something a little smaller and more conservative, the wave desk can work perfectly, besides that, thanks to the oak wood it will have a very long durability. Its style is totally Nordic and can fit with a vintage decoration style.

escritorio wave

All these styles and more you can find them at TrendsHome

Office Chairs

Office chairs are available in a variety of designs and styles. When you are going to choose one, you should make sure that it matches the desk and is comfortable enough. One of the most important things is the backrest, which should be stable to avoid neck problems.

With a good chair, you will have much more energy and your working time will be less tiring. In our catalog you will find chairs with armrests, ergonomic, high or very low back, special chairs for children with or without wheels, so you can find the right one for you.

The office chair big boss black is designed with your well-being in mind, the seat has extra padding and its backrest is quite high, which will allow you to always be in a good position. The rest of the manufacturing materials are metal and leatherette upholstery, and it has a net weight of 17 kg.

silla oficina big boss

If you want something comfortable and adaptable, the study chair check out belongs to the kare brand. Its design is totally classic and goes wonderfully with any type of decoration. In addition, it is totally resistant thanks to its structure in natural wood and steel base.

silla checkout

We all have different tastes and needs, if you do not want your office chair has wheels, you can choose the egoa chair, the seat moves every time you want, this is because it has a hinge style. The best thing about it is that the chair adapts to you

silla egoa

You can browse the catalog for all the other options in variety of office chairs we have at TrendsHome.

Office lamps:

In addition to being of great use when working, it also plays a very notable role with respect to decoration. If you select things that combine and generate a striking style, then you will have fulfilled the objective.

There are several types of lamps for office, we recommend the table lamps that you can place on your desk to have adequate light while working.

A good option for large tables is the ergo table lamp. Generally, it looks good in any type of decoration, but much more in modern spaces.

lámpara sobremesa ergo

If you have a conservative, somewhat elegant office with which you want to show a bit of innovation, the ideal lamp is bourgie crystal. It is completely transparent and has 3 legs which make it stable, you can adjust it to 3 completely different heights. When turned on you can see thousands of reflections at the same time.

bourgie cristal lamparaThe mistic black is made of metal, it should be fixed to the side of the computer. Although it has a simple design, it has been specially created to illuminate the computer screen directly

Similarly, when what we want is to generate a modern and totally innovative space, you can opt for the Black lain table lampthis even allows you to charge your mobile device via a USB connection.

lampara mesa

These lamps are made especially for offices, but you can also adapt it to any other space where you think it will create a perfect environment thanks to the different styles.

We hope this post has helped you create the perfect workspace at home. At Trends Home you can find all the inspiration you need and more. Remember that, to get a dream space, our team of professionals from our interior design studio Trends Studio will help you achieve it.

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